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How can I achieve a tossled romantic style myself?

A Tossled/Romantic Style Without a Salon

If you have shoulder length hair and want that tossled, romantic look you can achieve it without having to go to a salon. Try this method:

• Shampoo and condition hair
• Apply some styling gel (or other hair styling product) to the entire head
• Section off hair (about ½ inch by ½ inch)
• Twist the hair into rope-like pieces until it is fairly tight
• Secure the end with a hair clip or a piece of hair tape
• Let pieces hang as you continue to do the whole head
• Let air dry or sit under a dryer
• Remove the clips or tape on ends
• Run your fingers through gently until you have separated the strands into a full and tossled style
• Lean over and spray the hair lightly with a styling spray from underneath

You will have a full and controlled "messy" look as good as any salon can give.

Can you tell me how to make my shoulder length hair curly?

Perfect Curls On Medium Hair Styles

Curls are very popular these days and knowing how to get them big and beautiful is key to a great medium hair style.

For a sexy evening look apply a volumizing spray to damp hair and blow dry it for fullness with a round brush, giving yourself an off-center part. Next hair is twirled in variously sized sections with a medium sized curling iron for natural yet crisp looking curls. Define your style by using a light hair wax to separate curls, especially around the face and bang area.

Finish off this medium hair style by misting your hair with a light hold hair spray. Curls are at their best when they are soft and touchable, so go easy on the heavy hairspray. The addition of a spray shine will also get those curls looking their best.

I need a glamorous hairstyle for a big event. I have shoulder length hair. Any suggestions?

Medium Hair Styles For Evening

So you've got a big evening coming up but you don't know what to do with your medium length hair. Relax—there are plenty of medium hair styles that will look every bit as glam as long hair.

The great thing about medium length hair is that it can often give you more options when wearing it up than long hair because there's no need to deal with a lot of excess hair. For a sexy medium hair style try wearing it half up, with the back left down in big, loose waves.

To create this medium hair style set dry or slightly damp hair in medium sized Velcro rollers. Spritz on a styling spray and let the hair dry naturally. When the hair is completely dry take the rollers out and shake the curls loose. Begin taking small sections of the hair on one side of your head and pinning it to the back of your head with a bobby pin. Repeat this process across the front of your head until all the hair on the sides and front are pinned back off your face. Now take the ends of a few of the pieces you pinned back and, if they are long enough, bring them back to the top of your head and pin them loosely so they create loose curls and volume.

Flip the ends of the back of your hair out and use a little styling wax if needed to separate the curls. Finish with a light spray of medium hold hair spray to keep this medium hair style in place.

My hair often looks dry and frizzy after I blow dry it, even when I put anti-frizz products in. Is there anything else I can do to stop the frizz?

Silky Smooth Hair With The T3 Tourmaline Dryer

Does your hair turn into a straw-like frizzy mess after your blow drier gets done with it? If so, it's time to trade in your old blow drier for a next generation T3 Tourmaline model. These blow drier's components are made from crushed Tourmaline (a type of crystal) which emits loads of negative ions at your hair while drying.

Those negative ions produce softer, silkier hair than blow drying with a regular drier. The T3 Tourmaline drier also makes short work of blow drying by your hair up to 60% faster. Shorter drying time also means less damage to your tresses from too much heat.

I have hair just above my shoulders. My stylist suggested I layer it. What do you think?

Fabulously Shaggy Medium Hair Cuts

Medium hair cuts may just be the most perfect hair cuts around. Long enough to play with or put up yet short enough to get loads of volume from—how perfect is that?

To make the most of your medium hair cut be versatile in how you style it. Do avoid the same old same old be sure you have layers, also known as a shag hair cut, for tons of options. For a big and sassy version try using a volume-boosting gel and blow dry hair with a large round brush. Lift at the roots when drying to get volume where it counts most.

Make the sides and back sleek by bringing them in closer to the neck for balanced outline. Use a little styling wax on the bottom layers for definition and mist hair with a shine enhancer to make your medium hair cut gleam.

For a softer look set hair in medium sized hot rollers. Take out the rollers once they cool and coat hands with a little pomade or styling wax. Finger comb your curls into place for a loose and romantic style.

I have medium length hair that I'm growing out to long. What's a trendy hair style for this length of hair?

Sexy Hair Styles For Medium Length Hair

You don't have to have long, flowing hair to look glamorous. In fact, many hair styles for medium length hair scream sexy and glamorous.

Try a curvy hair style for medium length hair with lots of volume and a deep side part for a Marilyn Monroe-like vibe. Add mousse to damp hair to pump up the volume and blow dry your hair with a large round brush. Roll sections back and away from your face for a sexy swoop. Finish off this style by using a jumbo curling iron to enhance those big, sexy waves.

Flip your head upside-down and give your roots a spritz of medium hold hairspray to lift the roots and make sure your hair doesn't wither. A humidity proof hairspray is best for hair that may have natural curl or if humidity is a problem in your area.

Is there a way to make my medium length hair less boring?

Medium Hair Cuts Get A Boost From Layers

If you want to take your medium hair cut to the next level be sure your stylist is including layering in the cut.

To create volume on the top of your medium hair cut have layers cut approximately four inches in length. Use a volumizing mousse or spray on damp hair and blow dry with a medium sized round brush. Set your top layers in large hot or Velcro rollers for maximum volume at the roots. The sides and back can should be cut shorter and either worn wispy or flipped out to avoid a “bubble” of large hair.

For a sleeker look have a one length bob turned into a modern medium hair cut by having the bottom razored. The layers will give an edgy and wispy appearance and can be worn either flipped out or straight and piece-y. To style this cut use a smoothing cream and blow dry the hair straight with a vent brush. For a flip on the ends use a small round brush to bend the bottom and give these sections of hair a shot of cool air from your blow drier to help set them.

Use a light styling wax on the ends to separate and define them. Add a spritz of shine serum to add gloss to your style and watch heads turn with this sleek but fun style.

I have medium length hair and I want an edgy hairstyle. Any suggestions?

Rock and Roll Look For Medium Hair Styles

If you think medium hair styles can't have a rock and roll feeling to them—think again. The key is all in the texture and color of the style to create an urban hairstyle with attitude.

A medium length bob can be made edgy with barely-there waves and the addition of darker root color. To get the wicked waves simply apply a texturizing spray to damp hair and blow dry the hair on low heat with a diffuser attachment. Scrunch the hair into waves if you have no natural curl to your hair. When the hair is dry use pomade on the ends of this medium hair style to separate them and give that piecey look.

To copy this color effect, have your stylist do a smudge color on your hair. The roots are colored slightly darker (but in the same color family and tone) and gradually gets lighter towards the ends. The colors are smudged together so there is no discernable line between each color and the effect is an edgy “grown out” look.

I am currently growing out my hair and it's now about at my shoulders. I'm bored with it but don't want to cut it. Is there anything I can do to jazz it up?

Give Medium Hair Styles Pizzazz With Color

Are you bold? If so, you're hair should reflect this side of your personality. To get the most attention from your hair try pairing a medium hair style with bold splashes of color.

Razor cut layers in shoulder length or shorter hair is the perfect canvass for strokes of brilliance. An all over, eye-popping red with splashes of either black or platinum blonde will take your medium hair style from stylish to stunning.

Not sure you're ready for that much boldness? No problem—simply pair large streaks of strawberry-blonde and golden blonde for a multi-dimensional color that will make your layers and hair's direction stand out.

My hairstyle required really flat and straight bangs. Are there any tricks to getting them super straight?

Perfectly Straight Bangs With The HAI Twig

Nothing ruins a perfect hairstyle faster than when straight bangs go awry. If your style demands sleek, smooth bangs make sure you get them there with the HAI Twig ceramic flat iron.

The HAI Twig is a super slender flat iron made to fit right in with your bangs. Often traditional flat irons have plates too large to properly straighten bangs but with the Twig's skinny body it easily grasps the smallest and shortest bang area and smoothes them out. Simply position the flat iron a half inch from the roots on a section of hair in your bangs and gently close the plates onto the hair. Slowly glide the HAI Twig through the section of hair to the ends. Allow the hair to cool for a few sections before moving it so the style is set.

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