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Are there any hair products out there that help control frizz?

Anti-Frizz Hair Care For Curly Hair

If your curly hair is frizzy or fly away, it can have a negative effect on the end result of your hairstyle. Taking charge of your unruly curls and getting your hands on products specially designed to care for curly hair will help you trade frizz for fabulous.

Anti-frizz serum is a liquid-like product that is applied to damp hair, usually just after the hair is washed and conditioned. These serums care for curly hair by enlisting ingredients such as vitamin E, Aloe Vera or silicone to help nourished and smooth frizz in curly hair. For best results apply the product to freshly washed hair and use a wide toothed comb to evenly distribute the product throughout your hair. You can blow dry your hair straight, if desired, as the silicone will act as a protective barrier and anti-frizz agent to ensure a smooth finish. For those who like to let their curls dry naturally, this product will zap frizz and activate your curls for a head full of healthy looking hair.

My curly hair is often dry and unruly. What's the best way to care for my curly hair?

How To Care For Curly Hair

Hair care for curly hair can be a struggle for those blessed with natural wave or curl in their hair. Curly hair is usually more prone to dryness and frizz than its straighter counterpart but keeping those curls looking healthy and shiny isn't impossible if you use the right products.

Start with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to get your hair in its best condition. If dryness and frizz are big issues look for an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner that will help alleviate this problem right from the beginning. Created with curly hair in mind, these products are moisturizing and gentle enough for colored hair and everyday use. They also have silicone added to control frizz and enhance your curls for a full head of shiny and manageable hair.

Are you looking to trade in your curls for smooth tresses? Try a straightening and smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Packed with the same moisturizers and silicone as the curl enhancers, these shampoos protect and ready your hair for straight styling. So when looking for the right products to care for curly hair it try to look for products, such as these shampoos and conditioners, that do double duty and help make styling easier as well.

What sort of product is best to use to hold my curls for the night?

Great Curls All Night

The best time to curl your hair is when the hair is neither too clean nor oily. Going one to two days without washing provides the best amount of ‘dirt' for the curl to hold on to, but still isn't so oily it'll slide right out. If you need to curl your hair, but feel it might be a little too dirty or to clean, a hair gel will be your best friend. If your hair seems too oily, the alcohol in the gel will dry up some oils, letting the curl hold. If your hair is too clean, it will coat the hair with a film, mocking a bit of dirt, and the curl will hold better.

I'm tired of my frizz but love curly hair. Is there a way to keep the curl but get rid of frizzy hair?

Curly Hair Care: Permanent Frizz Control

One of the biggest problems in curly hair care is fighting frizz and fly away hair. There are products out there that can help combat these problems but they are only temporary and need to be reapplied each time the hair is washed.

For those looking for a way to say good-bye to frizz on a long term basis try one of the permanent frizz remover products. This gentle ammonia-free product acts similar to a perm solution but serves only to remove the frizz—not the curl. This product can be applied yourself at home. Be sure to follow the directions carefully and choose the correct formula for your hair. There is a “normal hair” version for hair with no color, or which has been colored with 20 volume peroxide or lower. For those with highlights or high lift color there's a colored hair formula which will gently and safely tame your frizz. If you're looking for anti-frizz curly hair care which doesn't need to be administered daily check out this type of product.

I feel like I'm always fighting my curly hair. It's either dry or won't style nice. Any suggestions?

Learn How Your Hair Curls And Know How To Work With It

Curly hair is all the rage these days so those with curly hair can rejoice. The problem is that curly hair comes with its own specific hair care needs and if you don't treat your curly hair well it may just turn into a frizzy mess to spite you.

For those with natural wave their hair curls in a slight wave pattern. While this type of hair is not as temperamental as extremely curly hair it does still need extra TLC to look its best. Wavy hair curls in a subtle pattern and can be either scrunched to a curlier version or blow straight. If you choose to straighten your wavy hair be sure you are using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, as well as protective styling products, to ensure you minimize the damage done by heated styling tools.

For those with very curly hair, your hair curls in a variety of twists and turns that make it very difficult for the scalp's natural oils to nourish the hair strands. This leaves curly hair prone to dryness and damage. Your best bet with very curly hair is to work with, not against, the curl for healthier hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, as well as weekly hair treatments to keep your hair as soft and moisturized as possible.

Curly hair is more porous that straight hair and even more so when it is wet. While your hair is damp is the best time to use protective styling products as they will be absorbed better by your hair and help calm and control frizz. If you decide to blow dry your hair make sure to use a diffuser attachment which will let your hair retain its natural shape better. Letting your hair curls stay in their natural state as much as possible will result in a better hairstyle. If you can, air drying is the healthier choice so opt out of blow drying whenever possible.

I want to bring out the curl in my hair. What type of gel should I use?

Boost Your Curl With A Curly Hair Gel

Limp curls crimping your style? Pump up those weak curls with a curly boosting spray gel. These types of curly hair gel are lighter than there thicker gel counterparts so they won't weigh your curls down. This is especially important for those with fine hair which can't stand up to heavy hair products.

Simply spray the curl boosting gel into damp hair and either blow dry your hair with a diffuser or let your hair air dry. The key to locking in those curls is in the scrunching. Scrunch hair while blow drying or periodically as it air dries to promote curl enhancement.

This type of curly hair gel is perfect for natural curl that needs a little lift or when a perm is near the end of its life and isn't as bouncy as it used to be.

I just got my hair permed yesterday. Can I get it wet?

Post Permed Hair Care

Permed hair care is important in keeping your new curls looking their best. During the perming process the bonds of your hair, which are responsible for the straight or curly nature of your hair, is broken and takes the shape of the perm rods. The second step, called neutralizing, reforms these bonds into their new and permanent shape.

For a 48 to 72 hour period after the process the newly permed hair is still sealing the bonds. It is very important that during this time frame no shampoo is used on the hair. The shampoo can reopen the hair's cuticle and change the newly formed bongs, resulting in loss of curl. Getting the hair wet and using styling products is fine but skip the suds until after the “no washing” time frame is up for the best post permed hair care.

I love trendy hairstyles but can't find any for my curly hair. Do you have any suggestions?

Curly Hair Ideas For Short Hair

Are you looking for a trendy way to show off your curly hair? Try the new, softer version of the Mohawk hairstyle when searching for fun curly hair ideas.

The new Mohawk, also known as the faux-hawk is geared towards those with shorter curly hair. Use a curl defining gel on damp hair and diffuse-dry the top of your hair while you pull it upwards with your fingers. This will give height to the style, making it stand up in Mohawk fashion.

For the sides you'll want to keep them close to the head. The easiest method is to let these curls remain damp and slick the hair back against the head. This will create the cropped illusion of the original hairstyle. This curly hair style works best with lots of volume on top so if your curls are drooping use a firm hold hair spray and mist the hair on top while to you hold it upright with your fingers. A little backcombing at the roots may help stubborn hair to stand up and get noticed.

What type of gel should I use for my curly hair?

Choose The Right Curly Hair Gel

Getting your curls to do what you want them to can seem like mission impossible. To get control of your curls you must be sure you are using the correct type of curly hair gel for the job.

To tame your curls try a control formula curly hair gel. Many of these have ingredients that will block excess moisture in the air from turning your smooth curls into a head of frizz. Other formulas contain silicone which coats the hair and gives protection and shine to your curls.

For those who want to go straight, try a smoothing or straightening gel. These gels contain agents that will aid in straightening the curl out of your hair while you blow dry it. When choosing a curly hair gel that promotes smoothness look for ones that contain silicone which coat the hair with a protective barrier against damage caused by blow drying and flat iron use.

I have long hair that is curly. What's a good way to style my hair?

A Curly Hair Style For Long Hair

A head full of curly is a hot trend in curly hair styles. Whether your hair is shoulder length or waist length, maximizing your curls will make your hair a hit.

The key to getting the most from your curls is to have your hair cut into long layers. These shorter layers will remove excess weight from the top layers of your hair and allow your curls to spring to life. Even a few layers in the last few inches of a long curly hair style will make an impact so next time you're at the salon trade in your one length curly hair for some fun layers.

To style your long curly hair style use a curl enhancing product such as a curl boosting gel or texturizing mist. These will help tame frizz and define your curls. To get maximum volume without sacrificing your curl integrity use a diffuser on your blow dryer and dry your hair with your head upside down. Scrunch your hair as you dry it to lock in your curls.

Finish off with a little styling wax to define and gloss your curls and a little misting of a medium hold hairspray at the roots to further plump up the volume.

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