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Should I have bangs?

Bangs or Not

Many styles look good with just a soft and delicate look of bangs. If you are not sure that you want to cut bangs on a more permanent basis, don't do it on a whim (this is a big decision as it takes time to grow out).

Have your stylist etch out about 1/4 to a 1/2 inch section of bang across the forehead. Having this area feathered allows you to pull out these pieces when you need them and yet they are light enough to style back into the heavier hair when not needed.

How do I get spiral curls using hot rollers?

Hairstyle Using Hot Rollers

Want to be Shirley Temple? You can get soft, springy, spiral curls easily by using hot rollers:

• Spray your dry hair with hairspray
• Comb your first section smooth
• Spray again with hairspray
• Twist the section before wrapping it on the roller
• When the rollers have cooled, take them out and spray again with hairspray
• Turn your head upside down and run your fingers through your hair

How do I avoid a frizzy hairstyle?

Hairstyles: Fighting Frizz

Everyone with curly hair fears the frizzies. To ward off a frizzy hairstyle, don't handle your hair too much. Skip the hairbrush—separate your curls and define your hair style with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers.

If you can't wash your hair in the morning, spritz it with water then scrunch it with your hands to revive the curls and tame the frizz.

How do I make those new triangle curls?

Triangle Curls

One of the newest styles for those who want curlier styles is the triangle curl. The unique curl provided by a triangle curling iron gives women a very interesting spiral curl with edges created by the triangle shape of the iron.

On longer hair, spirals of this design are bouncy and beautiful. On shorter hair, a very interesting, fuller style can be achieved with this iron.

*Hot Tools sold in salons and beauty supply stores will give you very modern styles for today's look.

How can I get a fuller style?

Fuller Styles

Want fuller hair? You can have it. Try bending over with your head down, applying gel, and drying the hair almost completely with your head down. Once the hair feels almost dry, continue to style as normal.

*The secret is that the style maintains its fullness much longer if the root area is dried first (since this is where the style receives its support).

What is my perfect haircut?

Perfect Haircut

Want to choose a haircut that matches your face perfectly? First, you will want to determine your face shape. To do this, pull your hair back and trace your reflection in the mirror with lipstick. Then, assess the shape in accordance to the following:

• If your reflection's round, grow out your locks into a long, sleek style that's angled around the face (try chunky bangs that you can sweep to the side).

• If you've got a squarish face, pick a shoulder-skimming style with loose layers. Side swept bangs around your face add wisps, emphasizing your eyes and cheekbones.

• If your face is heart shaped, go with a "below the chin" style with an angled front and tapered ends. If you want to add bangs, wear them long and brushed to the side.

• For an oval shaped face, try a jagged chin cut with pieced layers or a mid-length cut with brow brimming bangs.

Use what you have, baby, and emphasize your face's finer features.

How can I get a body wave that holds?

Body Perms

New hair styles are softer and less curly than in the past, so be sure to talk to your stylist about a body perm.

A good body perm should have some definition when wet (showing a very slight curl pattern). When dry, however, it should not show anything but a slight movement.

If you are good at perming your own hair, a good tip is to perm your hair on a rod the size you would normally use and then, just before it is ready, remove the smaller rods and replace them with a rod a size or two larger. Then, when you neutralize the perm, you will have the support of the smaller rod, but the curl pattern of the large rod.

What should I do about a bad haircut?

What to do About a Bad Haircut

Sometimes the stylist and the client just are not communicating as well as they think and, as a result, the haircut is not at all what they want.

First of all, it is best to stay calm and explain to the stylist what it is in particular that you are not happy with. If it is not noticeable until a day or so later, as in a permanent or a color, always make an appointment to speak to the stylist again. Remember that most stylists want to make you happy.

Is there a hairstyle that will minimize my thinning hair?

Hairstyle for Thinning Hair

A change of hairstyle is your first step in the battle against thinning hair. There are many hairstyle ideas and tips that can help reduce the look of thinning hair. Try these on for size:

• If the hair around your part is looking thinner, try changing it from the middle to the side (or vice versa) to make your hair look thicker.

• You can have layers cut into your hair for volume and bounce.

• Besides using a volumizing shampoo, try a weekly coconut oil treatment to help moisturize and strengthen the hair strands—it will also make your hair really shiny which will give your spirits a boost.

• As a last resort, swallow some sea kelp supplements from a health food store.

What hair products do I need to make my hair look good?

Hairstyles and Hair Products

Hairstyles can be created with a variety of tools such as blow-driers, heated rollers, tongs, or straightening irons. Unfortunately, they all use heat that can cause hair to become dry and brittle. It's important to use hair style products that reduce heat damage. It's also important not to rush. Take time to style your hair properly. If you don't want kinky or frizzy hair, make sure it is completely dry before leaving the house. If you're rushed for time in the morning, wash your hair the night before—it'll be far more manageable than freshly washed hair and you can wet it just before styling.

How do I avoid bad hair days?

Hairstyles: Bad Hair Day

Nothing can ruin your morning quicker than a bad hair day. The best way to outwit a bad hair day is to choose a good hairstyle. The trick to avoiding these days is to get a cut that suits your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle. A sleek celebrity hairstyle like Jennifer Aniston's will be a nightmare if your hair's naturally curly and you commonly battle wet weather or high humidity. High-maintenance hairstyles aren't for those who allocate 10 minutes to their hair each morning. Combine an appropriate hairstyle with regular trims, and you'll be pleased with how easy it is to manage your hair.

How do I choose a hairstyle for my wedding day?

Wedding Hairstyles

Don't change just because you are getting married! Choosing a complementary hairstyle is right up there with choosing an attractive wedding gown. Don't make the common mistake of completely loosing your personal style identity by making hair and fashion choices that are just not you. You want to look fashionable and feel special on your wedding day, but make sure the woman who walks down the aisle is recognizable as YOU. When you pick your wedding hair styles, your number 1 guide should be whether you really like the style.

*Discuss your wedding hairstyle with your stylist months before your wedding date. You might need to grow your hair or work toward a new color and that takes time.

How can I get body at the roots?

Body at the Roots

To lock in body at the roots, lift sections with a vent brush or a round brush and blowdry at the roots.

Start with a high heat setting (as long as you are not holding your dryer too close). Then, follow with a blast of cool air to set your hair style.

*It is best to do the actual styling of your hair after you have most of the moisture removed from it(to get the best results).

What hair style is good for a full face?

Style for a Full Face

If a person's face is full, it's smart to draw less attention to it. Try wearing the hair shorter with some lift on the top, directed away from the face. This will give lift and balance to the face.

*Too much hair around the face can close it in and make it look dark and heavy, but some soft wisps around the face can be flattering.

How do I choose a wig?

Choosing a Wig

If you are looking for a wig to wear occasionally when you want a quick style change, there are many good synthetic, pre-styled wigs that offer good, natural looking styles.

If you have lost hair due to medical or genetic reasons, it is best to spend a bit more money and find one that is as close to your own hair color, thickness, and style as you can.

*Remember, don't be too drastic in change unless you are using your wig for a dramatic change.

How can I style my hair when I have a cowlick?

Hairstyle to Combat a Cowlick

An attractive hairstyle is hard to manage if your hair decides to go its own way and splits at the crown. Deal with this problem (called a cowlick) by drying the problem area in the opposite direction—this will redirect the hair and give it more lift.

Don't attempt a hair style that requires drying your hair flat to your head since this magnifies the split in the crown area. Use a vent brush to lift your hair at the scalp. If your hair is sticking up in the crown and you have a short cut, try growing your hair longer (the weight of your longer hair will weigh down the crown cowlick).

What hairstyles balance diamond or heart-shaped faces?

Hairstyles for Diamond and Heart-Shaped Faces

A diamond-shaped face has a narrow forehead, small pointy chin, and wide cheeks. To create a balanced shape, look for hairstyles that are narrow at the cheekbones and wider at the forehead (a little more fullness at the crown might be required).

If your face is heart-shaped (wide, with a short forehead and small pointy chin), choose a layered bob with extra volume and outward flicks at chin level to suit your face.

*Asymmetric cuts are also flattering for heart-shaped faces.


Tips for 50s Hairstyles

With retro looks trending, the hairstyles of the 1950s are back.

For Men

The iconic men's style was the ducktail. For this style, your hair is combed straight back on the sides into two wings in the back, the duck's tail. The top is left tousled, styled into a classic pompadour, or gelled into a single long curl in the forehead, the elephant's trunk.

Tips for the Ducktail

1. Request the cut at your salon. The center portion needs to be cut shorter than the overlapping "wings."

2. Use a strong gel and even pomade. This look will never stay in place without products.

3. After combing the sides back, draw your comb straight down the middle in the back of your head to define the line between the "wings"

For Women

1950s hairstyles are driven by the beauty idols of the time, women like Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball.

Tips for the Marilyn

1. Marilyn's style looks best on hair that's shoulder length or shorter with layers.

2. Set your hair either wet or dry. Arrange the curlers in the same direction you want the curls to go.

3. Back-comb at the base of the curls and tousle the ends to create the finished look.

4. Use a light hold hairspray.

Tips for the Lucille

1. Lucille Ball's poodle style is great for curly hair.

2. Dry curly hair with products that won't create crunch, such as pomade.

3. Back-comb the sides, smooth the top of each hair section and pin back. Roll the hair in back into a loose bun or twist. Allow hair's texture to show.

4. Tousle the top curls. Use light hairspray.


Tips for 80s Hairstyles

The 1980s were the decade of excess, and that came through in the hairstyles. Small hair was not popular.

Side Ponytail

One of the easiest ways to channel the 80s is to pull your ponytail to the side. You can keep the tail low or secure it at the top of your head. It must swing to the side, though.

1. Secure with a tight hair-tie. Add hair jewelry or a scrunchie to cover the tie.

2. Splay hair for volume.

3. This style looks best on curly or curled hair.


Men and women alike had to get perms in the 1980s if they didn't have naturally curly hair. Don't get a perm – just curl your hair.

1. Use a small curling iron for spiral curls.

2. Use a medium curling iron, alternating the direction. Tousle the curls and backcomb the sides for volume.

3. Use a large curling iron all in the same direction. Finger comb back into big, Farah Fawcett feathers.

4. Bangs are a must for all these styles. Curl the front in a half-circle, all curls going in the same direction. Backcomb the base. Let hair descend in a waterfall.

5. Use strong-hold hairspray for all styles.

New Wave

New wave hairstyles were still big, but asymmetrically so. One side must be noticeably shorter than the other.

Note: If you're getting your hair cut this way, the sides will not blend.

1. You can mimic this look by pulling one side of your hair back tightly.

2. Backcomb the long strands. They should splay out from the head like fire.

3. If you have a short, one-length bob, opt for the Flock of Seagulls style. Backcomb the sides and top so that the hair is flowing to the top of the head and over you face.

4. Use strong-hold hairspray for all styles.


Tips for 90s Hairstyles

Hairstyles of the 1990s were inspired by television and movies. The "Friends" hairstyle was popular for long hair. Meg Ryan set the tone for short hair. Men wore their hair either like Russell Crowe's "The Gladiator" or Matt Damon's flip-front version.

The Rachel

The Rachel was the iconic look for medium to long hair. It started above the shoulders but grew longer as the decade wore on. She never had true bangs. This haircut is casual a shag blow dried with a big round brush.

1. Blow out the hair, curling under with the brush.

2. Flip the ends up while the hair is still warm.

3. Spray strands in the front and nape area, pulling apart with your fingers to create the piecey look. Alternatively apply a tiny amount of hair wax and pull to create pieces.

4. Spray with gloss.

The Meg

Like the Rachel, Meg Ryan's hair was a piecey, flipped-out shag. However, the overall look is shorter and choppier. The Meg also features true bangs pieced out to the side with wax or hairspray.

1. Blow out hair with a medium brush.

2. Flip ends up with the brush.

3. Using medium hold hairspray or hair wax, pull the bangs to the side in pieces. Pull out more pieces all over the shag.

4. Spray with gloss.

Men's Styles

The Gladiator and Matt Damon's front-flip were essentially the same haircut. The cut is clippered up the sides and back and blended into a longer top. The top should be chunk-cut about one-inch long with bangs straight across.

1. Apply solid hair gloss and comb everything forward for the Gladiator.

2. Apply hair wax to the front and pull pieces up for the flip-front.


Tips for 60s Hairstyles

1960s hair got bigger than in the 1950s, except for the mod looks. Back-combing and hairspray are key elements of the big looks while shine is the key for mod cuts.


Jackie Kennedy popularized this hairstyle.

1. Set hair in big rollers. Brush out using a boar bristle brush.

2. Backcomb at the roots, focusing on the crown .

3. Use a fine-tooth comb or boar bristle brush to smooth the top layer of hair.

4. Turn up the ends.

5. Use strong-hold hairspray.


The beehive took the bouffant one bigger. You can wear the style as a full up-do, or half-up, half-down as Brigitte Bardot did.


1. Backcomb the crown . Leave the front smooth.

2. Use a fine-tooth comb to smooth the top layer of hair.

3. Secure the back of the hair in a low twist using pins, about midway down the head. Leave the bottom smooth.

4. Secure sections from the smooth hair using pins, maintaining the twist. Leave a bangs section.

5. Use strong-hold hairspray.


1. Set hair on medium rollers. Do not brush out.

2. Backcomb the crown . Leave the front smooth.

3. Secure the crown in a twist at about the middle of the head.

4. Use a fine-tooth comb to smooth only the crown.

5. Secure sections from the front using pins, maintaining the twist. Leave long bangs.

6. Tousle the remaining curls.

7. Use medium-hold hairspray.


Mod looks were the polar opposite of the big bouffant and beehive. A mod cut must be very precise. It should include sharp angles. People with curly hair can wear this look, but they'll need to blow dry the hair straight.

1. Use gel and shine products to make the hair smooth and sleek.

2. Use a fine-tooth comb to arrange the style.

3. You can wear this cut combed all forward or swept to the side.


70s Hair - Solid Gold

The 70s were a time when lots of colors in wild patterns, psychedelic auras, and unique style were in vogue. Hairstyles played a big part in an ensemble and people put as much effort into them as they did choosing the right platform shoes and bell-bottoms. Here are some hairstyles you can recreate to bring 70s style back full blast:

The Afro

People keep playing at this over the decades, but at no other time was the afro more celebrated and widespread than in the 70s. Huge heads of hair picked out to stand in an arc around the head dominated Black culture. Some people wore picks in their afro as part of their look. Others put a shell bead in randomly to accent. Many just let that natural hair stand alone. Either way, the hairstyle was classic and distinctly 70s.

Curly Elegance

Curly was in during the 70s. Many women would roller curl the bottom half their hair and let the top part, from mid strand to crown, remain straight. When styling, they would put a pin at the point where the roller ended, creating a double effect on the hair. This look worked well with both business attire and casual wear.

Messy Sweep

You could find this look anywhere back then. Hair loosely swept away from the face by an ornate barrette. A layered bang dropped from the barrette and flyaways provided wispy sides. Sometimes you’d find a loosely constructed braid mixed in with unbraided hair cascading from the barrette. This very casual style was great for weekend jaunts.

70s hair was as versatile as the clothing and décor styles were. Try one and put on some good disco music while you do it.

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