Perfect Curls On Medium Hair Styles

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Can you tell me how to make my shoulder length hair curly?

Perfect Curls On Medium Hair Styles

Curls are very popular these days and knowing how to get them big and beautiful is key to a great medium hair style.

For a sexy evening look apply a volumizing spray to damp hair and blow dry it for fullness with a round brush, giving yourself an off-center part. Next hair is twirled in variously sized sections with a medium sized curling iron for natural yet crisp looking curls. Define your style by using a light hair wax to separate curls, especially around the face and bang area.

Finish off this medium hair style by misting your hair with a light hold hair spray. Curls are at their best when they are soft and touchable, so go easy on the heavy hairspray. The addition of a spray shine will also get those curls looking their best.



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