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I want to curl my long hair into big curls. What's a good curling iron to use?

Get Perfect Curls With The Babyliss Pro Iron

If you're looking for big, sexy curls you're going to need a good quality curling iron to get them. The Babyliss Pro curling iron has many wonderful features to ensure your curls are looking their best.

The barrel of the Babyliss Pro curling iron is created from ceramic and tourmaline which creates the smoothest softest curls possible. The tourmaline also emits negative ions promoting shinier hair and the infra red technology ensures quick curling time, cutting down on damage caused by excessive heat on the hair shaft.

With 40 different heat settings the Babyliss Pro curling iron is perfect for any type of hair. Use a lower setting for fine or fragile hair or dial up the heat for thick or coarse hair. Precision in the heat setting is a must for fabulous curls—too much heat and you risk burning your hair. Alternately, if your curling iron isn't hot enough your curls will appear weak and the style won't hold. With this many adjustable settings you can experiment and get the perfect heat setting for your hair.

Can you recommend some good brushes to make styling my hair easier?

Hair Tools For Fabulous Hair

Think just any hair tools will give you great hair? Think again. Knowing which hair tools to use for which type of style will make creating your hairstyle a much easier process.

To detangle or groom long dry hair a paddle brush is the best hair tool for the job. The soft air cushion and ball tipped nylon pins are gentle on both your scalp and hair. Use one of these hair tools to sweep up your hair into a pony tail.

To give medium to long hair a smooth finish with turned under ends a boar bristle brush does the job. Starting at the roots, take a section of hair and glide the boar bristle brush under the hair and through to the ends while blow drying. Pause at the ends while they are still turned under and blast a quick shot of cool air to keep them turned under. To create a flip have the brush on top of the ends and shoot cool air at them to freeze the style.

For those who like to wear their hair up a Mason Pearson brush is the king of hair tools. Use this brush to create volume by back brushing the roots and smoothing the top layer. Create chignons, French twists or any updo style by using this hair tool to smooth and place hair perfectly.

I have curly hair and I wanted to know what kind of brushes and such I should be using.

Hair Styling Tools For Curly Hair

Styling curly hair can be a challenge if you don't have the right hair styling tools. Here you'll learn which ones you need to get your curly hair looking its best.

A diffuser attachment is a must in the world of hair styling tools for curly hair. The diffuser attaches to the end of your blow drier and gives off a gentle warm flow of air that prevents frizz and helps your curls keep their shape. To get volume out of curly hair flip your head upside down and use the diffuser attachment at the roots to lift them.

If you want to get big, sexy curls try using the Caruso Molecular steam hair rollers. Unlike conventional hot rollers, these little hair styling tools use steam to reform the hair's bonds and lock in healthy looking curls. Naturally curly hair is prone to dryness and frizz but with these rollers you can gently reshape your curls into sexy waves without the usual side effects. These rollers work great for all hair types and will give you curls that last for days.

I curl my hair but it doesn't hold for the whole day. Is there a way to touch it up when I'm on the go?

Styling Freedom With Cordless Hair Irons

Hair irons can be cumbersome things to lug around when on the go. That's why, if you're a person who travels or has the need to touch up your hair throughout the day, a cordless curling iron is the way to go.

To create great curls on the go simply turn on this handy little hair iron and you're good to go. The iron also has a steam feature for longer lasting styles and a volume brush attachment for softer, wavy styles.

This hair iron also comes with a heat resistant cover for safe storing. Great for quick touch ups as you can then stash the curling iron in a tote or purse without fear of damaging the bag.

I'm a professional hairstylist and I was wondering if you recommend a good flat iron to use on my clients.

The Farouk Chi Flat Iron: Great For Professionals

Flat ironing your hair every day can be tedious. Flat ironing five people's hair a day means you're a professional hairstylist and you need seriously user friendly tools to get the job done. The Farouk Chi flat iron has the stylist's needs in mind with their newly redesigned ceramic flat iron.

A super long 10 foot cord means you don't have to keep your styling ability on a short leash and the 360 degree swivel connection means no tangles in the cord. You can move around freely, styling at will, and the cord won't tie you down.

The Farouk Chi flat iron is also designed to be lightweight for easy handling and less stress on your already tired hands and arms. The new ergonomic design and easy grip handle also spells ease of use and all these user friendly features fit into a flat iron that fits into a standard curling iron station—no need to clear a space on your precious work station for this baby.

I blow dry and flat iron my hair every day. Are there any products out there that will protect my hair?

Protect Your Hair With Chi Hair Products

Before you reach for that blow dryer or flat iron think to yourself—is my hair protected? Heat from driers and flat irons can take their toll on your hair and result in dryness and damage. To protect your hair and restore lost moisture try Chi hair products such as the Infra Treatment.

This thermal treatment is used like a hair conditioner and applied to the hair after shampooing. Leave the product on for 2 to 5 minutes to allow the treatment to replenish moisture balance to your hair. Your hair will feel softer and have incredible shine thanks to Chi Hair product's Cationic Hydration Interlink.

I want to buy some hair clippers to trim my boyfriends hair and neck. What's a good set of clippers for doing this?

User Friendly Hair Clippers

For professional stylists, the usability of their hair clippers is an important issue. If they're too bulky it causes strain on the hands and arms but if they're not powerful enough your hair creations will suffer.

The ultimate blending of comfort and power in hair clippers is the Wahl peanut hair clipper. This little 4 inch clippers weigh in at only 4 ounces but boast all the power of a full sized model. The blades snap on and off for easy cleaning and these hair clippers come with all the necessary attachments to make styling short hair a breeze.

These little hair clippers are perfect for trimming up beards, moustaches or for cleaning up hair around the neck line.

I keep hearing about ceramic blow driers and flat irons. What exactly does the ceramic do?

Get Great Hair With Ceramic Hair Tools

Ceramic hair tools are all the rage for those who want the most out of their styling tools. From blow driers to flat irons, ceramic is making a big difference in how our styling tools perform and how our hairstyles turn out.

Ceramic hair tools such as the Wigo ceramic blow dryer make styling your hair an pleasurable experience. Thanks to ceramic's radiant heat your hair will dry faster and remain healthier thanks to less exposure to potentially harmful heat.

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