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I see people like Paris Hilton wearing headbands a lot. Is this a trendy thing now?

Headbands: Trendy Hair Accessories

Looking for quick and easy to use hair accessories to boost your hair style? Try the simple headband to add a touch of class you just about any hair style. One of the most popular ways to wear these hair accessories is wearing the hair up in a bun or other updo and placing a black headband atop the head. It's a simple addition to the hair but looks great.

Use a headband on long, thick hair to instantly keep it out of your face. For a flash of glam try hair accessories like a leopard print head band. So be careful not to buy a flimsy headband if you have very thick hair. Your hair can put a lot of stress on a thin headband and might not be able to hold back all that hair. Be sure to get a thicker head band if you have a lot of hair.

I have gray hair I want to color but I don’t want to use harsh products to hide the gray. Any suggestions on what type of color I should use?

Get Hair Friendly Color From Your Beauty Supply Store

Do you have gray hair you're looking to cover? Do you hate harsh colors with peroxide and a nasty smell to them? Then try heading to your local beauty supply store and pick yourself up some Bigen Permanent powder hair color.

This super easy to use color is mixed with water, without harsh ammonia. It boasts great gray hair coverage and leaves your hair silky and shiny. This hair color from a beauty supply store also contains no metallic colors, which can cause problems down the road if you decide to color over your old color with a new non-metallic color. This color comes in eight fabulous shades and will cover your grays in as little as 20-30 minutes.

One of the worst things about buying hair color kits that come in bottles is the wasted hair color that gets left behind. If you have short hair chances are you don't use the whole bottle but because it must be used up once mixed you end up throwing away good hair color. If you hate to waste money and are looking to save some cash, try using a powder hair color. Because these powders mix with water to activate them, you can choose how much color you mix and put the rest of the powder aside for the next time.

I have an event coming up and I’m wearing a vintage style dress. How should I wear my hair so it looks good with the dress?

Glam Up An Updo With Vintage Hair Accessories

An evening updo is a great way to wear your hair for a special event. To take that updo to the next level try adding vintage hair accessories to your hair for a touch of old Hollywood glamour.

Vintage hair accessories such as hair combs are easy to use and instantly make any hairstyle look stunning. Try adding a vintage jeweled hair comb to a French twist or bun for a touch of glimmer. Long hair can also be worn down in loose curls with one side swept up via an elegant hair comb. It's fast and easy and will look amazing.

For shorter hair glam it up with the addition of vintage barrettes of hair pins. Sweep bangs to the side with a jeweled hair pin for a hint of glitter or place many jeweled hair pins throughout your hair for a peek-a-boo jewel effect.

I have really long hair and would love to either wear it up or add some cool accessories to it. Any ideas?

Hair Sticks: Sensual Hair Accessories

When one thinks of hair sticks the image of the sensual geisha and her elaborate hairstyle come to mind. Today these hair accessories come in an array of colors and styles and work with any hair long enough to fit into a pony tail.

Try using hair sticks to create the popular low lying bun (also known as chignon). Simply place your hair into a low lying ponytail with a neutral colored soft elastic. Take the pony tail and twist the hair until it begins to coil onto itself. Once this is done wrap the hair in a circular pattern around the base of the pony tail until a bun is formed. Use two hair sticks, both making an X pattern in the hair, to “sew” the bun together in an in and out fashion. The result is a classic looking hairstyle made fabulous with the addition of these stunning hair accessories.

I love trying out the latest hair products but it’s such a hassle to drive from my small town to the city. Is there another way to get great products but save myself a big trip?

Online Beauty Supply Stores: Great Products Right To Your Door

Just because you don't live near a brick and mortar beauty supply store is no reason to go without the best in hair care products. Thanks to the endless shopping power of the Internet you can simply go online, browse products in the comfort of your own home and have the best hair products delivered in no time. Simply type “beauty supply into your favorite search engine and let the shopping begin.

Buying online from a beauty supply store also means you can take advantage of many of a Web store™s specials and insider information. Check out the "what™s new" section to find out what™s hot in the world of hair care and stock up on what you need (you wouldn™t want to run out!). Often times an online beauty supply store will offer free shipping if an order comes to a certain dollar value so make the most of your online shopping experience and get free shipping to boot.

Also check out the company's return policy. Many times an online beauty supply store will have a no hassle return policy that lets you return damaged items or exchange unwanted items. Drug stores may not have this policy so if you're unsure about which products you need a good return policy is a must.

I usually buy my hair color from a drug store. Is there a difference between those ones and ones at a beauty supply store?

Great Color From A Beauty Supply Store

For most people coloring their hair at home begins with a trip to their local department or drug store. For those who want a hair color a step above what you'll find on a drug store shelf try buying your colors from a local beauty supply store.

Most beauty supply stores will carry only high quality colors, with many of them being derived from the professional formulas used in salons by professionals. Many of these colors you find in a beauty supply store are packed full with hair friendly conditioning agents to leave your newly colored hair in just as good condition—or better—than before you colored it.

The colors found in a beauty supply store are no more difficult to mix than ones from the drug store so there's no need to feel intimidated. Simply follow the included instructions and you're well on your way to fabulous hair.

Standing in front of an aisle of hair colors can be intimidating. Buying your hair color from a beauty supply store, either in person or online, can alleviate the chances of picking the wrong color thanks to a color chart. Many times the company will have an easy to understand chart that will tell you whether or not you can get the desired results of a particular color on your hair. Simply look for the color you want and see if it is recommended for your natural hair color. If it's a match then you're on your way to you new fabulous color.

I have a 2 year old little girl who loves wearing her hair pretty. Any suggestions on what types of accessories to use in her hair?

Dress Up A Little Girl's Hair With A Hair Bow

It you have a little girl you probably love adding cute hair accessories to her hair. Make her hair as cute as she is with the addition of a fancy hair bow.

There are endless styles to choose from and will suit any outfit or personality. From pink polka-dotted ribbon hair bows to sailor inspired creations your little girl is sure to be the belle of the ball in these adorable little hair bow creations.

For older girls who may be in cheerleading, why not consider having personalized hair bows created for her cheerleading squad? The hair bow can be made with their school colors and even the team's name written on the hanging ribbons.

I get so tired of my hair but it takes forever to grow it into a new style. Is there anything I can do to change the look of my hair quicker?

Instant New Hair With Hair Bow Wigs

Do you ever wish you could change your entire hairstyle—even for just a night? Well, with hair bow wigs you can do just that in the time it takes you to put one on.

Choose from the synthetic or human hair variety in a full wig, half wig or pony tail style. There are short hair bow wigs for a short and sassy style or choose from one of the long hair style wigs in a variety of colors. Love the look of long highlighted hair? Hair Bow wigs also offer this style for instantly sleek and highlighted hair.

For those who are intimidated by wigs why not start off with the Hair Bow pony tail.

If your hair is long enough to sleek back into even a tiny pony tail you can use a pony tail extension in your hair. Simply sleek your hair back and secure it to the back of your head. Attach the Hair Bow pony tail to yours and instantly have long, sexy hair.

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