Silky Smooth Hair With The T3 Tourmaline Dryer

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My hair often looks dry and frizzy after I blow dry it, even when I put anti-frizz products in. Is there anything else I can do to stop the frizz?

Silky Smooth Hair With The T3 Tourmaline Dryer

Does your hair turn into a straw-like frizzy mess after your blow drier gets done with it? If so, it's time to trade in your old blow drier for a next generation T3 Tourmaline model. These blow drier's components are made from crushed Tourmaline (a type of crystal) which emits loads of negative ions at your hair while drying.

Those negative ions produce softer, silkier hair than blow drying with a regular drier. The T3 Tourmaline drier also makes short work of blow drying by your hair up to 60% faster. Shorter drying time also means less damage to your tresses from too much heat.



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