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How much hair will I need to buy for hair extensions?

Benefits of Hair Extension

Thinking about getting hair extensions? The longer your own hair is, the less hair the salon will need to add to achieve your natural look. Your hair texture is also important in determining the amount of hair that needs to be added (you can add a little hair for thickness or lots of hair for a completely different look).

Rather than ruining your hair (which is a common myth), hair extensions will help you grow out your own hair. Inch for inch, hair extensions will improve your look more than plastic surgery.

*Hair extension is pain free and inexpensive.

What is hair extension and why is it popular?

Definition of Hair Extension

Hair extension adds hair (human or synthetic) to your own hair by weaving, braiding, strand-by-strand, or bonding. Usually, it's done by a skilled hair dresser, but many individuals have been applying it in their own homes.

Hair extensions can make you look and feel younger and beautiful. They can improve the looks and confidence of people with healthy hair, but are also a good solution for people with thinning hair. Hair extensions are still worn predominantly by African-Americans, but more and more people of all ethnic backgrounds are using them as an alternative hair fashion.

*Did you know that hair extension is a creative way to add highlights without coloring your own hair? Consider the possibilities...

Aren't hair extensions difficult to use?

Clip on Hair Extension

Have you considered hair extensions in the past but then cast off the idea as too wild or dramatic for your personality? Sure, you can buy them in outrageous orange or luminescent lime, but hair extensions also come in colors designed to blend with your natural shade.

Hair extensions can be used not only for drama but also to give your regular style a boost. Some need salon assistance but others are so easy to use! A clip on hair extension has a simple comb that slides into your hair—snap the clip shut and you're done. In a few seconds you've changed your look from so-so to spectacular!

How can I jazz up my look?

Human Hair Extension

A quick way to jazz up your look is with hair extensions. A quality human hair extension is also a good wardrobe investment. Since a human hair extension can be washed and combed just like your own hair, it will hold up through years of use.

Whether made from human hair or not, today's hair extensions are durable and natural-looking. You can even cut them and color them. If you've purchased good quality hair extensions, you're not limited in how you use them. Use your imagination to achieve the look you want.

How do I extend the life of my hair extensions?

Extending the Life of Hair Extensions

Don't leave the salon without requesting information on how to care for your new hair extensions—good care will extend the life of your investment.

Take your time and be gentle with your new hair extensions. Tugging or harsh brushing can weaken the bonds that hold your extensions in place. If you chose human hair extensions, they can be set, curled, and highlighted (at the salon).

*Hair extensions should not be more than twice the length of your hair.

What is strand-by-strand hair extension?

Strand-by-Strand Hair Extensions

Like most brides-to-be, you're growing out your hair in preparation for your wedding day--and spending a lot of money on hair products to keep (or get) your locks in prime condition. Are you stressing, wondering if you'll have a gorgeous head of hair in time to walk down the aisle? Perhaps you should consider hair extensions (particularly the strand-by-strand method).

Strand-by-strand extensions hang individually by tiny micro-attachments filled with custom-blended human hair. Micro-attachments are placed 1/4" away from your scalp so your own hair can move and grow. Dozens of hair extensions are applied to your hair in layers or to one length, achieving a natural look. You can curl your hair, color it, and style it, just like your own hair.

*Planning a wedding is stressful enough—let someone else worry about your hair!

How do I care for my hair extensions?

Caring for Hair Extensions

OK, you've invested in quality hair extensions and you want to get your money's worth out of them—that's only natural. Caring for hair extensions, however, is a bit different from caring for your own natural hair. Here are some tips:

• Use a soft bristle brush and starting from the bottom, gently working your way up
• At night, tie your hair up gently and never sleep with wet hair
• If the shade's not exactly right, don't try to color your hair extensions yourself.
• Go to a salon to get it done
• If you have braid extensions, run your fingers through the braids to help prevent tangling
• Don't spray extensions with conditioners or silicone-based products—they can cause braids to slip

I'm going out with my girlfriends. How can I make a fashion statement?

Fun with Hair Extensions

Many women consider quality hair extensions to be fashion accessories. Hair extensions come in wild colors, so you can match them to your outfits.

Have fun with extensions—they're not permanent. Try a hair extension when you're planning a special evening or girls' night out. Get your friends together, mix and match your colors, and go for a head-turning group look. Face it—we all want attention!

How can I improve my look to get an immediate reaction?

Hair Extensions

What woman doesn't want to be looked at and admired? And, which glamour feature do women generally spend the most time fussing over to attain that admiration? Our hair!

One dramatic way to change your look is by using a quality hair extension. You're sure to get a reaction! The quality of materials and construction of these fun accessories has improved in recent years. Hair extensions today will look good through a lot of wear. If you're trying to rack up style points, hair extensions are a quick, easy, inexpensive way to do it.

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