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I have long hair and I'm looking for a new hairstyle. I want something wilder than your average straight long hair. Any suggestions?

Layered Long Hair That Rocks

For an edgy rock and roll style have your stylist give you layered long hair that has been cut with a razor. The razor will give you edgy texture and break up boring solid lines at the bottom. Any bangs you wear should be thin and razored as well. If you’re really daring ask your styling to make the ends of your hair very textured and uneven for instant wispiness. When styling straight layered long hair use a smoothing cream on damp hair and a blow drier with a nozzle attachment. With a paddle brush dry one section at a time until the entire head of hair is done. Touch up your hair with a flat iron for an extra sleek style and finish off with a shine gel to separate strands and give sheen to the hair.

I'm growing out my medium length hair. Is there anything I should do to keep it healthy while it grows?

Grow Long Hair That Shines

Having long hair is nice. Having long hair that is healthy and doesn't look like straw is better. If you are growing out your hair you'll want to pay attention and learn how to grow long hair the healthy way.

The first myth to bust is that you should stop getting your hair cut altogether. To grow long hair that isn't riddled with split ends you will still need maintenance trims to keep your ends looking and feeling great. Though you can spread your salon visits out while growing your hair, you should still see your styling every two months, at least, to have the very ends cleaned up and kept strong.

A healthy diet and vitamins can also help ensure that the hair you grow remains in good condition. Just like the rest of our bodies, our hair is a reflection of our all over health. Getting plenty of rest and eating well is key to ensure that you grow long hair at as rapid a rate as possible.

I have a round face and I'd like to grow my hair long. What type of style would suit my face best?

Long Hair Styles For Round Faces

Cutting hair into a bob hairstyle can make a round face appear even more so. To counteract round cheeks long hair styles should be chest level or longer to create a slimming effect.

For best results the long hair styles should be worn straight and smooth—too much volume on the sides will only accentuate a round face. To get your hair as sleek as possible apply a straightening balm to damp hair and brow dry the hair smooth with a round brush. Point the nozzle of the blow drier down at the sections being dried to keep the hair smooth and frizz free. Finish off with touch ups from a flat iron and some shine serum to complete the sleeked-out style.

I have long hair that I blow dry and curl every day. I'm worried that all this blow drying and curling is going to dry my hair out. Is there something out there that prevents this?

Pamper Your Hair With CHI Leave In Conditioner

Long hair needs extra TLC to ensure it doesn't fall victim to dryness and split ends. Due to the life span of long hair (it's been with you a while) it needs products such as the CHI Silk Infusion reconstructing complex to keep looking its best.

Your hair will enjoy incredible softness and shine without any body busting build up. The CHI Silk Infusion is alcohol free and enriched with pure silk, wheat and soy proteins for manageable hair.

Simply apply a small amount of the CHI Silk Infusion to the palm of your hand and distribute it through damp hair with a wide toothed comb. This leave in treatment will make combing and styling a breeze when it transforms your long hair into silky tresses.

My long hair is one length but I'm getting bored of it and I'm looking for a change. Any suggestions?

Great Cuts For Layered Long Hair

Layers are a must for creating some of the hottest hairstyles. Layered long hair has more shape and styling options and is a shoe in for extra volume too. For loose beachy waves (perfect for summer) in layered long hair, have your stylist create layers starting above the chin. A razor cut will make the layers easier to flip back, which is a trendy style now.

When styling your layered long hair, use a styling spray or thermal spray to protect your hair from damage caused by heat. Using your fingers, comb through your strands while you blow dry to give your hair casual texture. Guide the hair around your face back for that sexy flip. If your hair has natural wave simply accentuate it with a little styling wax on dried hair to define those waves.

For straight hair use a medium sized curling iron to bend layers back off the face and create waves in various sections throughout the hair. Don’t get caught up in curling every strand—this look is casual so just create some waves here and there for that beach curl look. Finish off with some styling wax to define your layers.

I have naturally curly long hair and I'm wondering how to wear it for a formal event I'm going to. Are there any easy formal hairstyles for my type of hair?

Long Hair Styles For Evening

For a sexy but easy evening updo try wearing loose curls piled on your head with a straight and sleek bang for contrast. Long hair styles like this work best on naturally curly hair but can be done on straight hair as well.

For wavy long hair styles apply a curl enhancer or mousse and either let your hair air dry or speed things up by blow drying with a diffuser attachment. Blow dry the bang sleek and smooth across the forehead in a deep side part.

For straight hair blow dry with a volumizing mousse and set the dry hair in small sized hot rollers. Remove the curlers once the hair has cool. Blow dry the bangs smooth and to the side with a deep side part.

To create the back of this long hair style simply pin up curls in a loose pile atop the head. Let some of the ends of the curls drape down—don't get too caught up in getting every strand perfect. Smooth the bangs down with a very small amount of styling wax and sleek it to one side. Pin the bangs into place if they are too long to stay on their own.

I have long hair that I would love to wear curly. Can you tell me how to get big curls in my hair?

Curly Hairstyles For Long Hair

Curls get to show off their beauty in a head of long, healthy hair. If you've been eyeing hairstyles for long hair with big dreamy curls follow this guide to getting them.

Start with clean damp hair that has a volumizing mousse applied to it. Be sure to use a wide toothed comb to evenly distribute the mousse from root to tip. Blow dry your hair using a round brush to get extra volume and silky smooth hair. A trick to try is making sure your blow driers nozzle is pointed down on the section of hair you are drying to help the cuticle (outer layer) of your hair shine.

Once your hair is dry use hot rollers in two different styles to set your hair in big beautiful curls. Take sections slightly smaller in width than the roller and no thicker than one inch and wrap around the roller from ends to roots. Secure each roller well and repeat the process for the entire head. Once the rollers have cooled carefully remove them. Coat your hands with a small amount of styling wax and gently separate the curls and place them as desired. Curly hairstyles for long hair look best when the curls shine and the styling wax will smooth and gloss those beautiful curls.

I have long hair that I like wearing super smooth and curly. Is there something out there that will give me both?

A Flat Iron For All Styles Of Long Hair

One of the best things about having long hair is all the styling options you have. Whether you decide to wear your hair straight, flipped out or curly the Solia flat iron is your one stop styling tool.

The ceramic/Tourmaline plates of the Solia flat iron give your hair great shine and softness thanks to the negative ions they emit while styling. The variable heat controls ensure that you get the perfect temperature to style your hair and this flat iron can be used on damp hair (not wet) to speed up the styling process.

Thanks to the slim plates and wrap around sides the Solia flat iron is perfect for creating flips without the kinks of regular flat irons. You can also twirl your slim flat iron around sections of hair for big waves or even super smooth spiral curls.

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