Medium Hair Styles For Evening

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I need a glamorous hairstyle for a big event. I have shoulder length hair. Any suggestions?

Medium Hair Styles For Evening

So you've got a big evening coming up but you don't know what to do with your medium length hair. Relax—there are plenty of medium hair styles that will look every bit as glam as long hair.

The great thing about medium length hair is that it can often give you more options when wearing it up than long hair because there's no need to deal with a lot of excess hair. For a sexy medium hair style try wearing it half up, with the back left down in big, loose waves.

To create this medium hair style set dry or slightly damp hair in medium sized Velcro rollers. Spritz on a styling spray and let the hair dry naturally. When the hair is completely dry take the rollers out and shake the curls loose. Begin taking small sections of the hair on one side of your head and pinning it to the back of your head with a bobby pin. Repeat this process across the front of your head until all the hair on the sides and front are pinned back off your face. Now take the ends of a few of the pieces you pinned back and, if they are long enough, bring them back to the top of your head and pin them loosely so they create loose curls and volume.

Flip the ends of the back of your hair out and use a little styling wax if needed to separate the curls. Finish with a light spray of medium hold hair spray to keep this medium hair style in place.



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