Perfectly Straight Bangs With The HAI Twig

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My hairstyle required really flat and straight bangs. Are there any tricks to getting them super straight?

Perfectly Straight Bangs With The HAI Twig

Nothing ruins a perfect hairstyle faster than when straight bangs go awry. If your style demands sleek, smooth bangs make sure you get them there with the HAI Twig ceramic flat iron.

The HAI Twig is a super slender flat iron made to fit right in with your bangs. Often traditional flat irons have plates too large to properly straighten bangs but with the Twig's skinny body it easily grasps the smallest and shortest bang area and smoothes them out. Simply position the flat iron a half inch from the roots on a section of hair in your bangs and gently close the plates onto the hair. Slowly glide the HAI Twig through the section of hair to the ends. Allow the hair to cool for a few sections before moving it so the style is set.



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