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Achieve The Hair You Desire With These Top 5 Hair Styling Apps

Achieving the hairstyle you desire may seem impossible at times especially when trying out a new look. Fortunately, these top 5 apps have been created to provide you with step by step instructions.

1. Hairstyle Wizard on iPhone

The hairstyle wizard provides you with ideas that compliment your hair type. Just snap a quick photo or uploaded an image with the app to see how you'd look with some of the most current celebrity hairstyles.

2.Hair At Home on iPhone

This informational app provides detailed videos covering a wide range of styling techniques. Award winning hairdresser Anita Cox McMillan walks you through tutorials covering techniques anywhere from proper blow drying to adding hair extensions.

3. My L'Oreal Mirror on iPhone

A key feature of this app is its voice recognition abilities. Simply tell it the style you're searching for to find informational video tutorials. In just minutes you'll be well on your way to a new and exciting look.

4. UpDo Styles on Android or iPhone

Some of the hardest hairstyles to achieve are up do's but thanks to the UpDo Styles app the step-by-step tutorials will make sure that you get it just right. The app includes 75 styles as well as pictures for your convenience.

5. Hair Color Booth on iPhone

Experiment with a wide range of colors and highlights after uploading your image to Hair Color Booth. Whether you're looking to add highlights or change your hair color this app lets you see the results ahead of time before making your final decision.

Finding the right app can be an ordeal on its own but with these 5 hair styling apps you can finally achieve the perfect style you've always wanted.


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