Fabulously Shaggy Medium Hair Cuts

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I have hair just above my shoulders. My stylist suggested I layer it. What do you think?

Fabulously Shaggy Medium Hair Cuts

Medium hair cuts may just be the most perfect hair cuts around. Long enough to play with or put up yet short enough to get loads of volume from—how perfect is that?

To make the most of your medium hair cut be versatile in how you style it. Do avoid the same old same old be sure you have layers, also known as a shag hair cut, for tons of options. For a big and sassy version try using a volume-boosting gel and blow dry hair with a large round brush. Lift at the roots when drying to get volume where it counts most.

Make the sides and back sleek by bringing them in closer to the neck for balanced outline. Use a little styling wax on the bottom layers for definition and mist hair with a shine enhancer to make your medium hair cut gleam.

For a softer look set hair in medium sized hot rollers. Take out the rollers once they cool and coat hands with a little pomade or styling wax. Finger comb your curls into place for a loose and romantic style.



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