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I always get overwhelmed when I try to buy hair care products. Any suggestions on choosing the right ones?

Buying Hair Care Products The Smart Way

Often, when standing in the hair care product isle and faced with hundreds of options, if can seem overwhelming to try and choose what's right for your hair. Before you grab the closest bottle on the shelf, take some time to get educated in the art of buying hair care products.

The first step is to know what you need to make your hair do what you want. It sounds simple enough but with so many products out there that have very different hair styling jobs, picking the hair care product meant for your hair is going to require some research. Learn the difference between products meant to volumize hair (something you'll want if your hair is fine or thin) or those that are meant to tame curly hair and frizz. Choosing a volumizing mousse for thick, unruly hair is only going to compound your problems so determine what your hair's bad habits are and find a product to correct it.

Get informed by reading fashion magazines or message boards dedicated to hair care products. Learn from both experts and consumers just like you what's out there in the world of hair care and what works—and what doesn't. Keep in mind that everyone's hair is different and you will need to try a few products yourself to see what works for your hair. A beauty editor may not always be completely unbiased in recommending a product and someone on a message board may have completely different hair needs but it's a great starting point for narrowing down your options.

If you really are lost as to what type of hair care products to choose your best bet is to buy your products from a salon or reputable online source. Every professional salon and good Web sites will have a no hassle return policy. This way you can try a hair care product and if it's not for you simply return it for an exchange or refund.

Can I use mayonnaise to condition?

A Good Conditioner in Your Fridge

We have all heard the tip about conditioning with mayonnaise, however, we haven't all heard that it only works if you use REAL mayonnaise.

Real mayonnaise is rich in oils and eggs, which are a good source of fatty acids. The fact is that it contains lemon juice and is PH balanced so it will keep your hair in its natural PH level. Here is how to condition with this condiment:

• After shampooing the hair, rinse well and towel dry well
• Add about two tablespoons of mayonnaise and gently work it through your hair
• Comb through with a wide toothed comb
• Put a plastic cap or some plastic wrap on your head and allow the body heat to warm it
• Apply a warm towel (not too hot) and sit back and relax
• After thirty to forty minutes rinse the hair again
• Shampoo with a conditioning shampoo
• Rinse the hair with a cool water rinse
• Style as usual (only you will be styling shinier, silkier hair)

My hair is dry and dull. Is there anything to make it look better right away?

Instant Healthy Hair With Got2b Shine Spray

No matter whether you wear your hair short, long, red or blonde, healthy looking hair is foremost in trendy hair. If your hair's condition is less than stellar fake it with Got2b shine enhancing spray.

Mist this magic little product on your damp hair before styling to coat the hair shaft and make styling easier. The Got2b shine spray will also protect the hair from heated styling tools and help eliminate frizz and fly away hair while blow drying.

Once you have finished styling your hair mist your hair again with the Got2b shine enhancer to give your hair instant luster. Shiny hair will automatically look healthier and make any highlight you may have stand out even more.

I want to grow my hair long as fast as possible. Any suggestions?

Use Hair Vitamins For Maximum Growth

Many people take a multi-vitamin to help nourish their body and feel energized. For those wanting to grow healthy, strong hair there are specialized hair vitamins on the market that will maximize your hair's growth potential.

Your hair is an outward extension of your body's inner health. Illness, stress and poor diet can have a profound effect on the condition of your hair and how quickly it grows. On average, a healthy person's hair should grow approximately a ½ per month. Hair vitamins help to give your hair the nutrients it needs to grow as quickly as possible and maintain a shiny, healthy condition.

For those with thinning hair taking a hair vitamin may help in slowing down the balding process and even help with re-growth of new hair. Some hair vitamins claim to be able to block DHT (De-Hydro Testosterone) which is the hormone responsible for male pattern baldness. Being able to block this hormone from bonding to the hair follicle can help those suffering from baldness without the expense of hair weaves or the mess of topical solutions.

My hair doesn't want to style the way I want it to. Are there any products out there to tame my wild hair?

Take Control With Got2b Pomade

Does your hair have a mind of its own? If so, show it whose boss with the Got2b defiant define and shine pomade. Whether you want to spike your hair or achieve a smooth, sleek look this pomade will help you get there.

For spike-y styles use a small amount of the Got2b pomade on slightly damp hair and hold your hair up with your fingers while blow drying. Use the palm of your hand to rub the roots of your hair in a circular motion to lift the roots of the hair. Once the hair is dry apply another small amount to the dry hair and use your fingers to perfect your spikes.

For smooth hair apply to damp hair and blow dry your hair with a nozzle attachment on your dryer. Use a vent or round brush and blow dry sections of your hair one at a time. The Got2b pomade will keep fly away hair at bay and give great shine to your finished style. Use a small dab of the pomade on dry hair to define bangs and layers.

I have fine hair. What type of hair care products should I use?

Choosing The Right Hair Care Products For Fine Hair

Fine hair can be frustrating for those who are fighting to create bounce and volume out of their limp locks. Many times people load on the hair care products in an attempt to compensate for what their hair lacks but, in truth, you're only making things worse. The key to choosing hair care products for fine hair is not in the quantity but in the quality and specific type of products you use.

Unless your hair if very dry and damaged, try using a spray-in/leave-in conditioner as opposed to a heavy cream conditioner. Fine hair is easily weighed down by thick products so keep it light whenever possible.

Your hair care products should contain words such as “volumizing” or “for fine hair”. Heavy styling creams or smoothing balms may contain additives which will flatten your fine hair or make it appear greasy. Instead opt for hair care products such as a volumizing mousse foam or spray in hair gel that will give you lift and control without the weight.

Hair spray can also be a culprit in destroying your desired hairstyle. Use an aerosol hairspray whenever possible as the mist comes out lighted and won't clump in your fine hair. A light to medium hold will probably do the trick unless you're looking for extreme hold. Remember, the fewer and lighter hair care products you use the more chance your fine hair has of having great body and volume.

I use a lot of hair products every day and my hair won't style like it used to. Could it be build up and how can I get rid of it?

Remove Product Build Up With Got2b Squeaky Clean Shampoo

All of those styling products you put in your hair can have a negative effect on your hair. When you notice that your hair has lost its body and bounce it could be due to product build up on the shaft on your hair. Get a shampoo that removes this build up. The right shampoo strips hair of unwanted product build up but it won't strip your hair of its natural oils. In fact, this shampoo will give your hair a vitamin boost to ensure your hair is left soft and healthy after it is washed.

This type of shampoo doesn't need to be used every day but once a week for those who use a lot of hair products or have very fine hair should do the trick.

Did you know that swimming can leave chlorine build up on your hair? Chlorine can make hair difficult to style and even give a green tinge to blonde hair so make sure you remove any residue when you wash your hair with this shampoo.

My blonde hair is fried from so much coloring. I don't want to stop coloring it. Is there any products to help repair my dry hair?

Got2b SoBlonde: Hair Repair For Blonde Hair

Those who frequently color their hair a high lift blonde color know that dryness and damage is always a potential side effect. When your hair is in need of some serious TLC try the Got2b Soblonde intensive hair repair.

For a quick fix apply the Got2b Soblonde hair repair on damp hair and comb through with a wide toothed comb to evenly distribute the product onto the hair. For hair that is very dry and damaged give it an extended treatment and leave the product on for 10 minutes. To get the most out of your hair treatment wrap your hair in a plastic bag (a plastic grocery bag will work fine) and clip it closed with a large hair clip. The plastic will keep the heat of your head on your hair and will help the treatment penetrate your hair more thoroughly.

For an extra shot of heat warm up your hair with your blow dryer just before you place the bag on your head. Better yet, get yourself a portable hard hat hair dryer that you can sit under for the duration of the treatment.

How do I liven up dull, limp hair?

Hair Products: Deep Conditioning

Choose a hair care product that gives your hair some life. If your hair is dull and limp, treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment. And, a final rinse with mineral or cold tap water will flatten the cuticles and boost shine. You can liven up your natural color with an all-over, semi-permanent tint that will coat and smooth the hair shaft and give your hair a glossy sheen.

*Quality hair products are crucial to avoiding bad hair days.

I have medium length hair and it is very frizzy at the back. I'm in the bathroom for hours trying to find the soloution to my damaged hair. What should I do?

Repairing Damaged Hair

Our hair puts up with a lot from us. Daily use of blow driers, flat irons can add up to some dried out locks. Add monthly colors and the occasional perm or chemical hair straightening and it's a wonder our hair isn't protesting. Repairing damaged hair can be tricky but it's not impossible if you break bad habits and start giving your hair some TLC.

The first thing you'll want to do is assess the damage. Do you have a lot of split ends or broken hair? There is no cure for split ends except a trip to the salon to have them cut off. Be sure that when you do visit the salon you have enough cut off to take your hair length back into healthy hair territory. Only trimming a small amount when the damage is inches long does you no good. As damaged hair continues to split it splits farther and farther up the hair shaft, damaging more hair as it goes.

Dry, frizzy and broken hair is often a sign of misuse. If you use heated styling tools, such as blow driers and flat irons, daily you may need to cut back on your use. Most people's hair doesn't need to be washed and styled every day. Once your hair has been flat ironed you should be able to go two or three days with very little touch ups. When you do use driers and flat irons be sure to use a silicone based styling product that will coat and protect the hair shaft. Over washing your hair can also be a dry hair culprit. Cleaning your hair is good but stripping away its natural oils everyday is often too much for your hair to take. Repairing damaged hair starts with letting its natural protector, its oils, do their job.

Lastly, regular maintenance is key. You should have your hair trimmed every four to six weeks for shorter hair and every six to eight weeks for longer hair. This keeps the ends healthy and avoids split ends. Using a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a UV protector and using heated styling tools minimally should all add up to healthier hair.

I want to spike my hair but I can't find a product strong enough. Any suggestions?

Got2b Glued Spiking Spray Is Stiff Competition

Rocker inspired hair is making a comeback and if you want your hair to walk on the wild side you'll need the right products to do it. For extreme hairstyles try glued spiking spray for a rock hard hold.

This hair product works on both long and short styles. For long hairstyles, use the styling glue spray to freeze tousled curls or wild ringlets into place. A misting of this spray will also keep any updos you wear looking great all through the night.

For short hair use, the glued spray to spike up your hair in any direction. Texture is a big trend in hairstyling these days. Mist the hair and use your fingers to twirl various sections of long hair for a relaxed wavy effect or spray the roots of your hair for an extra boost of volume.

Extreme hair products require extreme cleansing. If you use glued spray be sure you use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to avoid styling product build up.

What hair care product will help me avoid a bad hair day?

Hair Products: Bad Hair Day

Using the right hair products can help you avoid bad hair days. First, you need the right shampoo and conditioner. Today's hair products are very advanced and capable of coping with the specific needs of different hair types.

Dry hair needs a moisturizing shampoo however, you'll need a shampoo with oil control if your hair is greasy. After shampooing, rinse out all traces of conditioner (residue can leave hair dull, matted and unmanageable). In fact, hair product residue is a main cause of bad hair days, because it weighs hair down making it difficult to style.

*A natural hair care product, perhaps one infused with mint and basil, used every few washes could solve residue problems.

What product could I use to make my hair the softest it can be?

The Key to Great Hair

Everyone knows that the secret to soft, silky hair is finding the right conditioner. But, did you know that overusing conditioners can do more harm than good? When you use conditioners, they help your hair to build up proteins to make the strands stronger. When your hair builds up too many of these proteins, they can begin to get brittle, feel harsh, and look dull. The key to keeping your hair soft and luxurious is to find a great conditioner, and use it every other day, or every three days.

What's the difference between a conditioning shampoo and a combined shampoo/conditioner?

Hair Product: Conditioning vs. Conditioner

Sometimes it seems that there are too many products to choose from, and marketing terms can be confusing. A hair care product labeled "shampoo/conditioner" will not clean hair effectively. The point of lathering up with shampoo is to lift dirt and grime from the follicles and rinse it away.

Once you've cleaned your hair properly, it's ready to be conditioned. With a combined shampoo/conditioner, the chemical that makes your hair feel "conditioned" is really building a waxy coating over the follicles that will eventually make them look dull. A conditioning shampoo, however, is completely different—this hair product may not be as deep cleansing as other shampoos, but it contains more moisturizing agents and can be very beneficial for dry hair.

*It's still wise to use a good conditioner afterwards, even with a "conditioning shampoo."

Are texturizers only for very short hair?

Texturizers are for every length

Texturizers are used to gently relax curly hair to make it more manageable. They are very mild, and only loosen the curl slightly. Texturizers can be used on hair of all lengths, from the very short, to the long.

What about leave-in conditioners?

Leave-in Conditioners

For those people who need some extra control, have extremely dry or fly-away hair, or have extremely thick hair that tends to poof up after drying, leave-in conditioners are fantastic! They are light weight so they do not make your hair greasy and they rinse out easily when you do your next shampoo. Some highly recommended leave-ins include:

• Influx 33
• Infusium 23
• Aura's Cherry Bark Leave-In Conditioner

Most cities have a beauty supply store or a big store (like Wal-mart or K-Mart) that sells professional products. You can find them there and they will not break your budget.

What can I do if my hair still looks dry after using moisturizers?

Using Moisturizing Products but Hair Still Looks Dry?

It is true that too much of a good thing is not good—especially in hair care.

When you find your hair to be looking and feeling dry, even though you've been using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, switch off every other day and use a protein based shampoo and conditioner. This will balance out the moisture and give the hair more strength and health.

What can I do to make baby-fine hair more manageable?

Hair Products for Baby Fine Hair

Were you born with baby-fine hair that flattens like a pancake just after styling? The first thing you need is a layered, above-the-shoulder length haircut.

A mere haircut, however, is not likely to cut it. Luckily, there are hair products on the market made for your fly-away hair. One is a thickening lotion to apply to wet hair before rough drying. As you dry and style, lift the hair at the roots to create volume.

*Highlighting your fine hair, which creates body and can make it more manageable, is highly recommended.

What hair care products should I use after hair transplant surgery?

Hair Products after Hair Transplant

OK, it's your hair not your heart, but as a hair transplant patient you need as much TLC as your neighbor with the bum ticker.

The first thing you need to do is purchase a hair care product specially made for hair transplant patients (that would be a quality post-surgical shampoo and conditioner). Select a shampoo and conditioner that contain soothing Aloe Vera gel and also provides an essential copper peptide micronutrient to help control crusting. Use these hair care products at both the recipient and donor sites to enhance healing.

Both sites will also benefit from a hydrating gel wound dressing—specially formulated to provide the moist wound environment necessary to the natural healing process after hair transplant. This soothing gel should contain the essential micronutrient copper.

*The gel will improve wound tensile strength and retain closure after healing—returning you to the dashing character you once were—or always wanted to be.

What should I look for in a natural hair care product?

Natural Hair Care Product

If your hair is dry and brittle, look for a natural hair care product that will condition your hair and scalp, give your hair body and luster, soften split ends, and makes your hair more manageable.

Always choose natural hair products made with the highest quality ingredients. Wild crafted and biodynamically grown botanicals (e.g., almond, lavender, or rosemary oils) should be harvested at their peak.

The best natural hair care product does not contain artificial colors or synthetic preservatives. It is made of the finest raw materials via slow, hand-tended processes. They should not be tested on animals. These conditioning hair products are usually sold in concentrated quantities—note that a little goes a long way.

What hair product will cure split ends?

Hair Product: Mink Oil Shampoo

A mink coat can keep you cozy and glamorous but it is mink oil shampoo that can turn a dry, brittle head of hair into the shiny, ultra-soft mane you desire. Spilt ends will be gone after treatment with this hair product that also nourishes and restores natural gloss.

Mink oil shampoo is hypoallergenic, penetrating, and boasts a high concentration of fatty acids. Oil of mink extract, along with lipopeptides, helps restore brittle hair's natural protective coating and gives hair extraordinary shine. This hair product gently cleanses dry, fragile hair while a detangling agent (derived from plants) smoothes down the hair shaft. You'll be happy with your hair, just remember to thank the mink!

Can you explain styling products?

Styling Products

Here is your ultimate hair product cheat sheet! Refer to the following glossary for hair care basics:

• Hair Gels- a product for hold and body that is heavier than a mousse. It works great on coarse, curly hair and often imparts shine.

• Mousse- a styling aide that is lighter in consistency than a gel. It is good for fine, limp hair and has the ability to hold well. It's available in various strengths.

• Pomades and waxes- products that are used for a slick style or to define curly hair. Pomades have oil (and sometimes wax) in them. They give strong definition to a style without causing hardness. Waxes are great for the new dredlocks.

• Glosses and Polishes- products that are designed to give the hair brilliance using light weight oils and silicones. Use them sparingly. They can also help to tame fly-away hair.

• Anti-frizz Products- products using some wax (but minimal amounts) and some oils. They are designed to lightly coat the hair, making it possible to straighten the hair, use heat, and have the style remain smooth all through the day.

• Hair sprays- the newer sprays are lightweight and flexible, allowing the user to get hold without stiffness. They can be found in a variety of holds from light to maximum and are usually used to maintain and control styles. Almost all hair sprays are under government guidelines so as not to harm the environment.

• Volumizers- these products come in different forms (such as gels, lotions, and sprays) and are used for those people who desire strong lift at the scalp as well as over-all volume. To get the most volume, they are applied before drying the hair. They work best when the client hold his or her head down will drying.

Should I compliment a company for its products?

Complimenting a Company

It is well known that whenever someone is upset with a product they should complain. However, doing the opposite can be even more important.

If you have a product that you really like and have found it to work the best of anything you have tried, write to the company and tell them. Brag about the product the way you would to a friend, telling them how good it feels on your hair, or how shiny it makes your hair, or even just how good you feel since you get compliments on your hair.

Most companies like compliments and will send out coupons and even free products just because you have been so nice. What have you got to lose?

Why shouldn´t I use a texturizer

Cons of Texturizers

Although milder than most relaxers, a texturizer is still a chemical process. Therefore, it does require extra maintenence and may have a negative effect on certain hair types.

*You should use the same caution in choosing a texturizer that you would in using any perm or relaxer.

Are there special shampoos for thinning hair?

Hair Products for Thinning Hair

The cat's out of the bag. Your hair's thinning and you're considering Rogaine. However, did you know there are special hair products that will gently clean and thicken fine or thinning hair?

Clean hair and a healthy scalp are important for thicker, fuller-looking hair. You need shampoos that will give your thinning hair extra body but also gently remove the residue that can weigh down delicate, fine or thinning hair. The body, volume, and shine you want are provided by natural proteins, vitamins, and botanical extracts that nourish and expand each hair shaft.

*Choose a shampoo that's made to work with Rogaine and put the cat back in the bag.

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