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I keep hearing about ionic hair dryers. What are they and how do they work?

Cut Down On Bad Hair Days With An Ionic Hair Dryer

If you're like many people you think a blow dryer is a blow dryer. As with most household items we use these days, technology is making even blow dryers earn their keep by making them more efficient and user friendly.

So what exactly is ionic technology? An ionic hair dryer will emit negative ions while you are styling your hair. These negative ions will help make your hair shiny, softer and more manageable.

This technology also ensures your ionic hair dryer will save you time while styling. The ions help to break apart the water molecules in wet or damp hair which allows for much quicker drying time. Reduced drying time will also cut down on any heat damage to your hair.

There's so many blow dryers out there. What are some things to look for in a good one?

What To Look For In A Good Blow Dryer

Not all blow dryers are created equal. A good blow dryer can make achieving a fabulous hairstyle a much easier endeavor. Here we’ll give you some hot tips on how to choose the best blow dryer for you.

Over weight blow dryers can be a pain in the arms. When choosing a blow dryer, especially if your style takes a while to blow out, a lighter model is definitely better. Wattage is another important factor to consider.

Look for a blow dryer with wattage of 1500 to 1875 in order to get enough air flow to dry your hair in a speedy fashion.

Different heat settings will also make styling your hair much easier. You’ll need a high setting to quickly remove excess moisture from the hair and a lower setting to switch to for more precise styling. A blow dryer with a cool shot button is a bonus because a shot of cool air will help set difficult styles such as flips or side swept bangs.

I have curly hair and it always ends up frizzy if I blow dry it. Do you have any tips for blow drying curly hair?

Blow Drying Hair That Is Curly

Styling curly hair can be a tricky endeavour. If done right, blow drying hair that is curly can give you beautiful results but do it wrong and you could end up with a head full of frizz. Here are some tips for blow drying your curly hair correctly:

  1. Start with the right products. There are numerous styling products on the market that cater to those with curly hair. Curl enhancing products with silicone are your best bet for bring out the best in your curls. Apply the product to damp hair, as your hair will absorb the product better when wet.
  2. When blow drying hair that's curly be sure to use a low setting on your blow dryer. A diffuser works best to evenly distribute the heat but if you don't have this attachment keep the air flow low and cover the nozzle of your blow dryer with your fingers. Place the blow dryer under your hair and point it up so the air flows through your fingers and gently onto your hair. You may also want to invest in a higher end blow dryer that gives out more heat in a more even fashion and gives off negative ions that promote silky hair.
  3. While blow drying hair that is curly use your hands to scrunch the hair and help define your curls. To avoid damage or frizz try blow drying your hair until it is about 90% dry and let your hair air dry the rest of the way. Using a little styling wax on your hair once you are done blow drying will also help give definition to your curls.

What's an ionic hair dryer?

Ionic Hair Dryer

Dry your hair in less time! An ionic hair dryer is a smart hair dryer. The negative ions emitted by this hair dryer leave hair silky, shiny, and generally more manageable. The negative ions also break apart water molecules, so the time it takes to dry your hair is reduced significantly.

Contrast that to traditional hair dryers that use thermal heat to boil your hair—which goes to show that negativity isn't always bad.

I want to get my hair colored. What are the hair colors that are in right now?

New Color Trendy In Hair Styling

The right color can make or break a hairstyle. For a great color that gets noticed try one of these trendy new hair styling techniques in coloring.

Reds are a hot color these days. If your coloring suits red hair try going bold with either deep, rich auburns or bright, show stopping paprika. A bold all over color works great to get even the most simple hair styles noticed. Another trend in hair styling is tone on tone color. Try subtle strawberry blonde highlights in red hair to give your hair a style edge.

Blondes are going light and natural these days. Pastel and butter blondes are prominent in hair styling with lighter highlights placed around in the front of the hair to frame the face. Do remember that going very light blonde required a lot of touch ups so be sure you're ready for the commitment to avoid unsightly roots.

Brunettes are having fun too. Deep sable browns with honey highlights give you a natural look that's far from boring. Espresso browns are also popular in hair styling and are being seen on celebrities that have taken their long hair short. For added style try having just the tips of your hair highlighted. It will give definition to layers and is low commitment because the highlights will be trimmed off quicker.

Do you have any tips on styling black hair?

Tips on Black Hair Styling

Extra care must be taken during black hair styling to ensure you don't damage your hair. Here are some tips on treating your hair with respect:

  • Always use a wide toothed comb with rounded ends and no seams when combing wet hair.
  • Seams in combs or the bristles of brushes can snag the hair and cause breakage.
  • If combing through your hair is difficult try spraying on a leave in conditioner before combing to detangle your hair.
  • Avoid over use of blow dryers on black hair. Whenever possible, leave the hair slightly damp to avoid drying out your hair.
  • If you must dry your hair completely, use the blow dryer only until the hair is dry or use a blow dryer with a cool set button and use cool air to finish off your blow drying.
  • Always use a curling iron with heat control during black hair styling. Only set it to the minimal heat setting that will achieve the desired results. Using too much heat during curling can burn and damage your hair.
  • If your hair is relaxed, colored or permed be especially careful when using a brush on your hair. Try using a paddle brush with plastic coated tips to avoid scratching the scalp and never use a brush on wet hair as it is at its most fragile in this state.

I've seen those T3 blow dryers but wondered if they are any better than the cheaper ones. What's the difference?

The T3 Hair Dryer: The Mercedes of Blow Dryers

The T3 hair dryer is the cream of the crop in blow dryers. It is considered the highest quality dryer on the market, giving you the most control and precision when styling.

The motor is created out of 100% crushed tourmaline jewels, a member of the trigonal crystal system, and boasts the only true ceramic heater coil. So what does this mean for you? Negative ions are all the rage in blow dryers and the T3 hair dryer is said to emit the most ions which means softer, shinier hair for you.

Is it worth the money? With a hefty price tag of $200 an up it is a big investment for a styling tool. For those in the hair industry having the best tools is a must to do your job to its maximum potential. For those who aren't a professional, but still crave hair perfection, the end results may well be worth the money of owning the T3 hair dryer.

Why does an ionic hair dryer work well on hair that tends to frizz?

Ion Hair Dryer

An ionic hair dryer is a good example of how positive and negative can work together. While the negative ions infused into your hair by an ion hair dryer make it silky and shiny, it's the positive ions (read: positive energy) that infuses moisture into the hair shaft.

The ionic energy also seals the hair cuticle, locking in moisture. Now your hair can repel humidity in the atmosphere—a very good thing for you curly tops. Your hair will be less vulnerable to static electricity and the frizz will be gone!

Who makes a good travel hair dryer?

Travel Hair Dryer

Plan on traveling a lot? Then, you must perfect the art of compressing your life into a few suitcases (this includes finding a blow dryer that's small yet efficient). Many hair dryers are available that work well and are compact! Don't feel like just because you need a dryer that you can stow away that you will have to settle for a low-powered, dinky model.

You can easily find a number of small, 1875 watt dryers that have powerful airflows (so you can dry faster, leaving more time to see the sights). In addition, countless portable dryers have multiple speeds and heat settings—you can also get them with or without the ion feature (an ion hair dryer helps to eliminate frizz).

*If you travel out of the country a lot, it's smart to get a dryer with dual voltage for worldwide travel (so it can fit most outlets).

Are there different types of hair dryers?

Hair Dryers: Blow Dryers

Today, when we talk about hair dryers, we're not talking about those big bonnets that ballooned atop our mothers' heads when they were young—or those helmet-style, portable dryers hairdressers wheel around the salons. While those styles of hair dryers are still made and purchased, today a "hair dryer" most likely refers to a blow dryer.

There just might be more types of blow dryers than there are hairs on your head (OK, not really, but there's a lot). In other words, the selection is vast so make sure you compare the various features of potential blow dryers to your needs before picking one up.

*The hot ticket item among them right now is the ionic hair dryer.

Is a wall mounted hair dryer worth the money?

Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

You don't have to go to a luxury hotel or spa to enjoy the convenience and safety of a wall mounted hair dryer. And, the big bonus with this hair dryer is that it doesn't take up counter or cabinet space.

Wall models mount easily and offer space-saving, low-profile storage. Be sure to get one with at least 1500 watts of power for quick drying. Most come with several speeds and heat settings and detachable lint that makes it easy to clean (which translates to better performance and longer motor life).

*The best thing about a wall mounted hair dryer is that its electrical components are housed securely on the wall, so the life-threatening hazard of shocks in a wet bathroom environment is eliminated.

Is there a time-saving hair dryer that provides gives professional results?

Brush Hair Dryer

If you're a woman on the go with the bare minimum of minutes to spend drying and styling your hair, a brush hair dryer might be the tool for you.

Hot Tools makes a professional hair dryer that lets you style your hair in one easy step. Here are some of the benefits of this product:

• With 1875 watts of power, your hair will dry quickly
• You can take it traveling, because it has worldwide dual voltage
• This brush hair dryer comes with several styling attachments
• It has 3 speed and heat settings and a cool shot for setting the style
• It only weighs 2.5 pounds, so you can take it nearly anywhere you want to go

Can I buy one of those hard hat hair dryers like the hair salons use?

Hard Hat Hair Dryer

Think you have to be a professional hair stylist to own one of those hard-hat hair dryers? You don't. You can own your own professional ionic hair dryer from Babyliss (complete with 1600 watts of power and built-in airflow diffuser) and reap the same professional quality and salon-results.

Your hair will be softer, shinier, less frizzy and it'll dry faster with the new ionic technology. Some of the features you'll enjoy are:

• 3 temperature settings
• An adjustable bonnet with lift up visor
• Built-in airflow diffuser
• Heavy duty spine locks adapter to secure the bonnet to the inner chrome stand
• Heavy duty anchor bolt to lock the base and poles in place

It's easy to assemble and has snap-in wheels plus, a durable base provides easy maneuverability and prevents tipping. With an adjustable height, you can roll up your hair, then roll the hair dryer over to any chair in your house.


Homemade Hair Treatments

With the exorbitantly priced hair care products on the market these days, many people opt to create homemade products to care for their hair. Here are some interesting alternatives to pricey, store bought chemicals that you can make in the comfort of your own home:

Raw Egg

That’s it. Just raw egg. Raw egg is used to condition hair. If your hair is normal, use the whole egg. If it is oily, use only the egg whites. Use the yolks only for dry hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes then rinse off with cool water. Shampoo, rinse, and you’re done. You can condition your hair this way twice a month if you only use a portion of the egg – once a month if you are using the whole egg.


To tame frizz, avocado is a very popular at-home remedy. Simply mash up half of an avocado, work it into your hair, and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing. You can practice this home moisturizing remedy twice a month.


Honey is a great ingredient to add moisture to dry hair. Whether due to the sun or over processing, honey can help bring moisture back. Work in a half-cup of honey into clean hair. Let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing. You can apply honey once a month.

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