Give Medium Hair Styles Pizzazz With Color

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I am currently growing out my hair and it's now about at my shoulders. I'm bored with it but don't want to cut it. Is there anything I can do to jazz it up?

Give Medium Hair Styles Pizzazz With Color

Are you bold? If so, you're hair should reflect this side of your personality. To get the most attention from your hair try pairing a medium hair style with bold splashes of color.

Razor cut layers in shoulder length or shorter hair is the perfect canvass for strokes of brilliance. An all over, eye-popping red with splashes of either black or platinum blonde will take your medium hair style from stylish to stunning.

Not sure you're ready for that much boldness? No problem—simply pair large streaks of strawberry-blonde and golden blonde for a multi-dimensional color that will make your layers and hair's direction stand out.



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