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I have to wear my hair up for an event. Any suggestions on some great evening hairstyles?

Choosing a Formal Hair Style

When choosing a formal hair style there are certain things you need to keep in mind to ensure the perfect hair style. The length and thickness of your hair are major factors in which type of hair style will work best so be sure, when choosing a style, that you choose one that mirrors the type of hair you have.

For medium length hair a French twist works well, as does a small bun or loosely piled curls. If your hair is fine you will probably need your hair set in rollers first to give the hair volume and make it easier to style. For a variation on the classic, smooth chignon try wearing your hair curly and having the hair loosely gathered in a low lying bun. The look is still elegant but has a more romantic flair to it.

For long hair a larger bun, enhanced with braided pieces, looks stunning and with lots of hair you'll be able to spare the extra to create the braids. If you're hair is very long and thick is may be too much for a twist but, in the hands of an expert, very thick hair can be arranged in loose curls that will look great. Alternately, you can have your long, thick hair set in loose curls and wear only the top and sides pinned up, letting the back hang in elegant waves.

I'm wearing my hair fairly plain for my wedding day. What can I put in my hair to make it look gorgeous?

The Right Bridal Hair Accessories: Icing On The Cake

Just like the little bride and groom atop your cake makes the perfect finishing touch, so does the right bridal hair accessories to your wedding hairstyle. There are many different types of accessories to choose from and there's sure to be one that fits your unique style.

Hair combs are an easy and quick bridal hair accessory that fits into all most any type of wedding hairstyle. If you plan on wearing your hair down, a rhinestone encrusted hair comb can be used to pull up one side of the hair. The effect is subtle but classic and works with both shorter hair and long hair.

A head band is also easy to include in your wedding hairstyle and adds an elegant look to most any hairstyle. These bridal hair accessories come in pearl, gem stone or rich fabric versions and can be as subtle or glitzy as you wish. A head band can be used on long hair to simply hold it back off the face or as an added accessory to an updo. Try having sleek curls piled at the back of your head and have the head band sit atop the head, which you can attach a veil to if you wish.

The ultimate in bridal hair accessories is the tiara. These mini crowns will make any woman feel like a princess on her big day. Elaborate tiaras work best with a simple wedding hairstyle so that the beauty of the tiara isn't lost in a sea of intricate curls. Try a sleek, low lying bun or a similar smooth hairstyle. If you do plan on wearing your hair big and with lots of curls be sure to have your stylist do a trial run with your hairstyle to be sure your hairstyle and tiara work well together.

I'm getting married but I'm having trouble choosing a hair style. Any tips on how to choose the best style?

The Perfect Wedding Hair Style For You

When it comes to choosing a wedding hair style there are no shortage of options for the bride to be. From short and sassy to sculpted elegance there’s bound to be a hairstyle to suit every bride. Just be sure the wedding hair style you choose is a reflection of your personal style. Your groom wants to be able to recognize his bride as she walks down the aisle. Even the shortest of hair can have a stunning wedding hair style. Have short, layered hair set in small rollers for sculpted and defined curls all over the head. Use a jeweled head band or barrettes to pull the hair back at the front and/or the sides to give an updo appearance. For medium to long hair, try a modern version of the classic pinned up wedding hair style by having the hair pinned up at the back in small sections in which the ends (the last two to three inches of each piece) are left out. Have the ends sculpted with a styling wax and fanned out atop the pinned up sections. The look is elegant but with a little edge to it for those brides that like to make a statement. Add jewels or even feathers to the hair for added interest. Those that like the classics can have a similar updo but with barrel curls (large barrel shaped curls that sit on their sides) arranged on the head for a glamorous wedding hair style.

What can I add to my hair to make it look amazing on my wedding day?

Add Glam To Your Hair With Bridal Hair Jewelry

The perfect bridal hair is almost as important as the wedding dress on your big day. Adding bridal hair jewelry to your hairstyle is a quick and easy way to turn up the glam factor. Jeweled hair pins work very well when your hair is put up. This form of bridal hair jewelry can be pearls or some type of jewel such as rhinestones. They are tiny so you can use many of these little gems dispersed throughout your hair to add a little glitter to your wedding hairstyle. If you’re having your hair done at the salon make sure to take them with you both on your consultation appointment and your big day so the stylist can integrate them into your hair perfectly. Jeweled hair clips or combs are a great choice for bridal hair jewelry whether the hair is worn up or down. A glittery hair comb incorporated into a French twist adds elegance and hair worn down can have a tiny clip or two added to jazz up a more casual hairstyle.

What are my options for hair accessories on my wedding day?

Bridal Hair Flowers Add Beauty To Your Hair

Adding a touch of nature to your hair can make even the simplest wedding hairstyle a thing of beauty. Depending on your hairstyle, you can use one large flower, such as a white rose, or a few smaller flowers, such as mini gardenias, dispersed throughout your hair. Because your wedding day will likely be a long one, and you want to look picture perfect throughout it all, silk flowers are a better alternative to real ones that will wilt.

For those who love all things that glitter, try adding a gem stone encrusted flower hair pin to your wedding hairstyle. This is a perfect way to add a hint of nature to your style while adding serious glamour to your hair. Use one large hairpin on the side or back of your hairstyle or many tiny ones throughout your hair.

What is a brazillian wax?

Go Bare With A Brazilian Wax

Keeping your bikini area neat and tidy can be an ongoing chore. If you're looking for less hair care down there try taking it all off with a Brazilian wax.

Home Brazilian wax kits make giving yourself the ultimate bikini wax a relatively easy endeavor. Some kits come with a pre-epilation oil that ensures the hard wax used only sticks to the hair—not the skin. The kits also come with a no mistake heating chart to avoid burns from over heated wax.

Be sure to follow the directions carefully. It is advisable to do a patch test on a small area of your bikini area and wait 24 hours to test for allergic reaction. If the skin appears normal, with no rashes or excessive bumps, go ahead and complete the rest of the bikini wax. Most Brazilian waxes involve removing all the hair from the bikini area but feel free to be expressive and leave a little design if the creative mood strikes you.

I want my hair to be extra special for my wedding day. Are there any speical hair tools I should use?

Use T3 Hair Tools For Perfect Wedding Day Hair

T3 hair tools are extremely popular these days as many consumers look for top of the line styling tools to give them picture perfect hair. T3 refers to some part of the styling tool being constructed out of Tourmaline, a type of crystal.

Tourmaline emits negative ions which make your hair softer and shinier than regular styling tools. What does this mean for your wedding hairstyle? Brides want their hair to look perfect but natural. Stiff hairstyles are a thing of the past and, whether you wear your hair up or down on your big day, you'll want your hair to be stay in place and be touchable and shiny.

If you plan on doing your hair yourself on your wedding day it would be wise to invest in a blow drier and flat iron/curling iron that is made with T3 technology. If you're going to the salon to be primped ask your stylist if they're tools are made from Tourmaline.

I'd like to have a smooth hairstyle for my wedding day. Any suggestions on how to make my hair shiny and straight?

Sleek Wedding Hair With A Ceramic Flat Iron

If you have curly or wavy hair and want a sleek hairstyle for your wedding try using a ceramic flat iron to get your hair ultra smooth. Straight hair works for a number of wedding hairstyles, such as a chignon, French twist or a number of other updos that demand straight hair.

If you are unfamiliar with using a ceramic flat iron you may want to leave the hairstyling to a professional. The stylist will use a flat iron to remove all the waves or curl from your hair before proceeding with your desired wedding hairstyle.

It's a good idea to do a trial run of your intended wedding hairstyle to make sure that you truly like the hairstyle a ceramic flat iron will give you. You can then discuss with your stylist whether you want to wear your newly straight hair down or up.

I'm a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding and I can't decide how to wear my hair. What's "in" in bridesmaid's hair?

Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

A bridesmaid’s hair is an important part of their overall appearance. You’ll want the bridesmaid hair to compliment each bridesmaid and look elegant, without competing with the bride’s hairstyle. For short bridesmaid hair, having the hair styled in a more polished version of their everyday style can make a big difference. Curly hair can set in rollers to give the hair more volume and texture. A flowered or jeweled hair comb in a matching color to the bridesmaid’s dress is also a great way to glam up bridesmaid hair. For medium to long hair a simple yet elegant updo is a great option. Try opting for a style that is different from the bride’s hair but still works well with the overall theme of the wedding. A chignon is a classic and very popular updo right now. It’s both elegant but understated enough not to compete with the bride (unless she’s wearing that style). Loose curls pinned up at the back of the head is another popular bridesmaid hair style. For added interest have silk flowers in the same color as the bridesmaid dress added to the hairstyle.

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