Medium Hair Cuts Get A Boost From Layers

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Is there a way to make my medium length hair less boring?

Medium Hair Cuts Get A Boost From Layers

If you want to take your medium hair cut to the next level be sure your stylist is including layering in the cut.

To create volume on the top of your medium hair cut have layers cut approximately four inches in length. Use a volumizing mousse or spray on damp hair and blow dry with a medium sized round brush. Set your top layers in large hot or Velcro rollers for maximum volume at the roots. The sides and back can should be cut shorter and either worn wispy or flipped out to avoid a “bubble” of large hair.

For a sleeker look have a one length bob turned into a modern medium hair cut by having the bottom razored. The layers will give an edgy and wispy appearance and can be worn either flipped out or straight and piece-y. To style this cut use a smoothing cream and blow dry the hair straight with a vent brush. For a flip on the ends use a small round brush to bend the bottom and give these sections of hair a shot of cool air from your blow drier to help set them.

Use a light styling wax on the ends to separate and define them. Add a spritz of shine serum to add gloss to your style and watch heads turn with this sleek but fun style.



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