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I'm thinking of cutting my hair short but I don't want it to be boring. Any suggestions?

Tuft Stuff: Short Hair For Women

Short hair for women can end up looking like a helmet if it's not cut correctly. The key to giving your thick hair shape is to incorporate a lot of texture and different directions of movement throughout the cut to avoid a “bubble” appearance.

One example of short hair for women that makes the most of your thick hair is a short pixie-like style with a spiky tuft at the crown. Created by using a razor during the haircut instead of scissors this hair cut gives mega volume on top, a full but wispy band and a subtle flip at the back. Lots of direction and definition is what makes this style stand out. The crown is cut short (approximately two inches) so it spikes up, the front and sides are left slightly longer and the back is tapered with just enough hair to flick out at the nape.

To style this type of short hair for women use a texturizing or smoothing cream on damp hair and blow dry with a vent brush and small round brush. For the crown use the palm of your hand and rub in a circular motion to create a cushion in the hair and get it to stand up. The hair in front of the crown is smoothed forward with a vent brush and the bangs are left full on the forehead with a slight angle to one side. The sides are styled full and covering the ears and the back is given volume with the vent or round brush. Use a small round brush to flick the bottom hair at the nape of your neck out.

Once your hair is dried use a styling wax or pomade to define the spiky bits at the crown, separate chunky pieces in your bang and define your small flip in the back.

I'm thinking of cutting my hair short. Where can I find some pictures of short hair so I can see what I like?

Where To Find Short Hair Pictures

If you've decided to have your tresses cropped short it's best to do your homework and study the popular styles out there first. There's no shortage of short cuts to choose from but for best results you'll want to look at some pictures and know your options before the first snip is taken.

Short hair pictures can be found in a number of magazines. There are specific publications that cater solely to short hair styles and can be found in any magazine section of a book store or convenience store.

Regular fashion magazines or weekly publications such as People or US are another great resource to see what's new in the world of short hair styles. Since many celebrities are cropping their locks short these days there's bound to be a few short hair pictures there that will catch your eye.

The Internet is another invaluable resource when scouting out short hair pictures. Simply type “short hair styles” into your favorite search engine and you'll have a huge selection of style options at your finger tips. Just remember—once you fine your perfect short hair style be sure to take the picture with you to the salon so the stylist will know exactly what

I have short hair and was wondering what's in style for short hair?

Add Texture To A Short Hair Cut

Short hair doesn't have to be boring. Today's styles use sophisticated cutting techniques, as well as texture enhancing hair products to create a short hair cut that's pumped up with style.

For a funky short hair cut have the layers at the top left a little longer ( 3 to 4 inches) while the sides and back are cut shorter. The hair is given lots of texture thanks to the use of a straight razor to break up blunt ends and give lots of movement to the style.

Use a styling lotion or smoothing balm on damp hair and blow dry the hair with a flat brush from the crown forward. The bangs are worn almost full on the forehead with a slight sweep to one side. The sides and back are flipped out slightly for added texture.

When the hair is dry use a flat iron to smooth the top layers of this short hair cut and define the flip on the sides and back. Finish off with a styling wax to separate the hair and define the layers.

I have really thick hair and I was thinking of wearing it straight. What's the best way to get this mop of hair straight fast?

Tame Thick Hair With The GHD Flat Iron

Thick hair can be difficult to tame. To get the smoothest hair possible use the GHD flat iron, designed specifically for thicker textured hair.

The GHD flat iron with its 1.75” wide plates will straighten larger sections of hair, making short work of straightening thicker heads of hair. The ceramic plates heat up in seconds and hold their temperature for even and consistent styling, while the negative ions emitted work to promote shiny and soft hair.

For shorter styles, use the GHD flat iron to create smooth, chic hair styles in minutes. Simply glide the plates through dry, detangled sections of hair and sculpt your tresses into any desired style. For a trendy look flip the ends of the hair up slightly and define those pieces with a styling wax afterwards. The subtle flips will give an edge to your style.

I want a simple hairstyle but don't want it to be boring. Any suggestions?

A Hair Styling Tip To Update Your Bob Hairstyle

The bob hairstyle has been around for a long time and is showing prominently these days on a number of celebrity heads. To keep this tried and true style from looking tired try one of these hair styling tips to keep your bob looking fresh:

  • Go layered to give your bob texture. This hair styling tip works great on bobs that are below the chin. Subtle layers at the bottom allow you to flip your bob up or sweep it back off the face for an updated look. The layers can be created with scissors for a more clean, precise look or with a razor for an edgy and choppy look.

  • Asymmetrical bobs are popping up more and more these days. Have your stylist cut one side of your bob slightly longer than the other. Keep the lines clean and blunt with a full bang for a really modern twist.

  • Another hair styling tip to give your bob a “wow” factor is to go bold with your hair color. A deep and sexy brunette or a vibrant red will really show off this simple yet fabulous hair style.

What's in style for curly hair that's short?

Short Hair Styles For Curly Hair

The layers on the top of the head are kept long with a short bang (just above the eyebrow). The sides are cut to the bottom of the earlobes and the back is left to hang just below where a dress shirt collar would. When styling this type of short hair style start by applying a smoothing balm to damp hair and begin with your bangs. The bang area will be straight and full (touch up with a small flat iron after if need be) with the top layers being gently styled forward and sweeping across the bangs and to one side. The sides and back make the most of your natural curl by being styled into soft waves. Bring the sides down and slightly forward for a face framing effect. The result is a short hair style for women that looks polished but doesn't require a battle against your natural waves.

I have short hair but it's looking kind of boring. How can I make it better for an event this weekend?

Color Makes Short Hair For Women Stand Out

If you're worried that short hair for women can't stand out in a crowd try adding a vibrant color. Even the simplest of cuts will make heads turn with the addition of a bold hair color.

For those with the right coloring for reds, try a vibrant auburn or paprika shade. For added flair the addition of bold strawberry blonde highlights around the face ensures that short hair for women will never be boring again.

If your coloring is suited to darker tones try going deep into the realm of brunette. A celebrity trend right now is to go super short with their hair and color it a deep, rich espresso or chocolate brown. Subtle highlights in golden brown or honey blonde will turn up the cool factor of this type of short hair for women even more.

Blondes can have fun with their color too. If you can get away with platinum blonde now is the time to go for it. This ultra light blonde always stands out and gets noticed. If going that light isn't for you try a darker, honey blonde with pale blonde highlights.

I have fine hair that I wear short. What's a cool new hairstyle I could try that would work with my fine hair?

A Stylish Short Hair Cut For Fine Hair

Tired of fighting with your fine, straight hair? The modern bob is made for the short hair cut that makes the most of fine hair.

This version of the classic bob incorporates long layers into the bottom to smarlty taper the style from back to front, allowing this short hair cut to keep its shape no matter how you style it. The slightly razored ends give movement and give a modern twist to traditional blunt lines of a bob.

To style this short hair cut use a volumizing mousse and blow dry your hair upside-down. Try combing in an asymmetrical part to give this simple short hair cut more interest and volume. Flip the ends up with a round brush to make the most of those razored ends.

I have a formal event to go to and I'm wondering how to wear my short hair. Any suggestions?

Short Hair Styles For Evening

When most people think glamorous evening hair they're picturing long hair pinned in some exquisite updo. Those with short hair needed feel left out though, as there are some fabulous short hair styles for evening as well.

Once to try is a head full of smooth spiral curls that are pinned up slightly for extra volume. You'll need hair that is approximately 4 inches in length to make this evening short hair style work.

After you have blow dry your hair with a volumizing hair product take small sections throughout the entire head and create corkscrew curls with a medium barreled curling iron. Don't worry about getting the hair curled right to the roots—the first inch or so should be left straight to avoid your hair looking too “pouf-y”.

Once all your hair is curled create this glamorous short hair style by randomly pinning up small sections of your curled hair. Pin up the back and sides and anywhere on the top that needs an extra boost to make the style look great. Leave tendrils hanging down on your forehead and don't get too severe with the pinning on the sides and this style will have a soft yet sexy appearance.

Is there anything else you can do with a flat iron other than straighten hair?

Tons Of Styling Options With The FHI Flat Iron

Think flat irons only straighten hair? Not so with the FHI ceramic flat iron. This handy little gadget will smooth, flip or curl your hair into any style you desire.

To straighten your hair take small sections of detangled, dry hair and place the FHI flat iron a half inch from the scalp. Close the plates onto the section of hair and slowly glide the flat iron to the ends. The hair will be smoothed and frizz free thanks to the high quality ceramic plates.

To flip hair simply twist your wrist to turn the last few inches of your hair upward and continue to glide the flat iron along the section. Be sure to include the very ends of the hair in the plates for a uniform result. Want curly hair? Just twist that wrist a little more, like you would with a curling iron, and the FHI flat iron will give you beautiful, silky curls in no time.

How should I choose a short hairstyle?

Short Hairstyles

A short hair style is usually easy to care for. Choosing one, however, may be more difficult. There are many factors and variables to consider:

• Your new short hairstyle should match your personality, career, lifestyle and time constraints.

• Your short hairstyle should complement your body shape, face shape, hair texture, hair density, eye color, and skin tone.

• And, above all, your short hair style should create a sense of balance between your head, face and body.

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