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How to Get Started as a Hair Stylist

Becoming a hair stylist is a wonderful career choice for many people. Professional hair stylists have the opportunity to choose between a wide variety of employment options that suit their personal needs and ambitions.

As a professional hair stylist you can choose to work for a local hair salon for salary or commission based pay; or you can rent a stall and work with your own clientele whenever you want. However, before you can become a hair stylist you must meet the minimum requirements set forth by your state’s licensing board. You need to follow a few basic steps to find out the best way to become a hair stylist in your area.

1. Talk to your hair stylist. Ask your hair stylist about her experience at becoming a hair stylist. Ask her about the barber or cosmetology schools she recommends for you to attend. Also, your hair stylist may be able to give you helpful tips about passing the hair stylist licensing test.

2. Check with your state licensing Board for Barbering and Cosmetology. Most states require that you attend an approved training program before you can get a hair stylist license. Make sure that you choose a school with a comprehensive training program that includes all of the technical and business education that you need to succeed when you start your career as a hair stylist.

3. Contact your state licensing agency and complete all of the forms and pay all of the fees to get your hair stylist license. You will have to submit documentation to verify that you have all of the minimum education and experience to qualify for a license.

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