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My hair is really dry. Is there a product that can help get it back in good condition?

Repair For Damaged Hair

Too many color or perms can result in damaged hair. If your hair is in need of some serious TLC try ApHOGEE hair treatment to restore your hair to its former healthy self.

To use this product to treat your damaged hair, wash your hair with a high quality, moisturizing shampoo. Towel dry your hair and apply enough of the ApHOGEE to saturate the hair. Use a wide toothed comb to gently distribute the product throughout the hair.

You will need a heat source such as a hard hat dryer (the type you sit under) or a hand held blow dryer to warm the hair. Do not touch the hair while it is being treated. The ApHOGEE will harden in the hair—this is normal. Once the treatment is done re-wet the hair and rinse the product out thoroughly. Your damaged hair should now feel softer and healthier. Repeat according to the directions to maintain your healthy hair.

I want to get my dry hair back in shape. Do deep conditioning treatments work and how do you do them?

How To Give A Deep Conditioning Treatment To Dry Hair

For dry hair that needs a little loving a deep conditioning treatment can work wonders. To get the most out of your deep conditioning treatment try these little tricks to ensure your dry hair soaks up as much of that moisture as possible.

First you must start with squeaky clean hair. Wash your hair with a good quality shampoo to remove any hair products from your hair. If you tend to use a lot of hair products on a daily basis try washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo to strip off any product build up that may have occurred. This will leave you with a clean hair shaft that will more easily absorb the treatment and give the most help to your dry hair.

Apply the hair treatment to damp towel dried hair. Hair is like a sponge and will the treatment better if it is slightly damp but, just like a sponge, you don't want it dripping wet or it won't soak up anything more.

Be liberal with your application of the hair treatment. Thick hair treatments tend to be easier to work with as you don't have to worry about dripping. Once the treatment is in your hair use a wide toothed comb to gently comb your hair and distribute the product evenly.

Hair treatments work best on dry hair when the heat is on. Once you've applied the product use a conditioning cap or wrap your hair in a plastic bag (a grocery bag will work) and clip it closed with a large hair clip. Use your blow dryer to warm up the head—just don't get too close to the bag and melt it! The heat will open up the hair's cuticle and allow more penetration of the treatment. Leave on for the recommended amount of time and then rinse thoroughly. For the last few seconds of rinsing turn the water temperature to cool to seal the hair shaft and make your hair smoother and shinier.

Is there any difference in the flat irons out there when it comes to your hair's length?

Choosing The Right Flat Iron For Your Hair

One might think that one flat iron fits all hair types but this is not the case. When choosing a flat iron your hair’s length and type should be taken into consideration to ensure that you get the tool meant for your hair. The length of your hair plays a role in which type of flat iron you need. If you have short hair you’ll want to reach for one of the mini models which make straightening short strands much easier. Look for a model with a ¾ inch surface which will be just the right side for styling short pieces of hair and getting the precision styling needed. For short to medium length hair a 1” flat iron will do the trick. The size is great for those with chin to shoulder length bobs as it will have a large enough surface to smooth your hair but is still manageable enough to do intricate styling such as flipping shorter layers at the bottom of your hairstyle. For long hair go for the full 2” flat iron. You don’t want to be straightening your hair all morning, so the larger surface will mean you can get wider sections straightened each time—cutting down on your styling time.

My hair is all dried out from using a lot of heat. Is there any way to help correct this problem?

The Cause and Cure for Dry Hair

Too many colors, perms or excessive use of heated styling tools can leave you with dry hair. To cure your damaged hair woes you must take action to ensure that your hair doesn't continue down this dry hair road.

Severely damaged and split hair cannot be repaired. You must bit the bullet and seek professional help by means of a good hair cut. Split hair will continue to split farther and farther up the hair shaft, claiming more of your hair. To prevent this have a good amount cut off (at least two to three inches for long hair—maybe more) to rid yourself of the worst of the dry hair. Regular trims will be needed to continue to shed the old damaged hair and allow your healthy new hair to remain that way.

Using proper hair products is also a must. Shampoos and conditioners for dry/damaged hair is your best bet for protecting and moisturizing your dry hair. A deep conditioning treatment once a week will also give your hair the added nutrients it needs. Also be aware of the styling products that you use. Avoid hair products with excessive alcohol in them which will dry out your hair even further. Instead stick to products like styling creams of light weight styling sprays with added silicone for shine and frizz control.

Whenever possible, use heated styling tools such as blow dryers and flat irons sparingly. Constant high heat can cause dry hair so give your hair a break by wearing it up (without drying it) or letting it air dry as much as possible. Finishing products such as a spray on shine enhancer will help your hair look healthier while you nurse it back to health.

How can I quickly fix frizzy hair?

A Frizzy Hair Day

You wake up one morning, your hair is frizzy, and you need to fix it quickly. Want a quick fix? Take your brush and evenly spray the bristles with hair spray before brushing your hair (continue until hair is under control). This will give more weight to your hair to help flatten it and keep it the lasting hold you need.

*This is a good idea and it also works with spray conditioners sprayed lightly on the brush as well for those dry days when frizz takes over.

Is there a product to help me get tangles out of my long hair?

Say Good-Bye To Tangles With Biosilk Silk Filler

Tangles can be a pain in the scalp to get out. The bigger problem though is that removing them the wrong way can lead straight to stressed out and broken hair. Using a product such as Biosilk Silk Filler will not only make removing tangles easier but will ensure your hair isn't damaged in the process.

To properly detangle your hair mist your damp hair generously with the Biosilk Silk Filler. The conditioner will lightly coat the strands of hair and smooth them, making detangling much easier. Starting at the ends of your hair, use a wide toothed comb to slowly begin the detangling process.

Gently comb out tangles, misting the hair more for stubborn areas. Work your way up to the scalp, making sure not to pull or tug too hard on your hair. Your hair is at its most vulnerable when it is wet so use extra care whenever combing it while damp. Once you have removed all the tangles apply your styling products and style as desired. The Biosilk Silk Filler will make your hair feel softer and replenish lost moisture due to everyday styling.

Some flat irons are so expensive. What features do you really need to make them worth the money?

The Features You Need In Your Flat Iron

So you want straight, smooth hair. The right flat iron can get your there without the frustration but only if you know which flat iron to take home with you. Here are some tips on what features to look for in your flat iron for endless good hair days.

One of the most important components in a flat iron is the ironing plates themselves. When choosing a flat iron be sure yours has plates made from ceramic and tourmaline. Ceramic heats up evenly and quickly for superior smoothing ability, while the tourmaline gives off negative ions which soften the hair and give it shine. Variable temperature control is also a must in a good flat iron. In order to get enough heat to thick hair, and pamper fine hair, you'll want to be able to have absolute control over the temperature of the plates. The more settings the better as even thick hair may need a lower temperature when doing quick “touch ups” to avoid damage.

Other features to look for are infrared technology which claims to seal in the hair's moisture and prevent drying the hair out. The autosense ™ feature of some flat irons ensures the most even heat distribution possible. Hot spots on the plates can damage the hair so even heat is the key to uniform and healthy looking hair.

I straighten my hair every day but it's getting dry. Is there anything I can do to protect it?

Protect Your Hair When Straightening With Biosilk Smoothing Solution

The constant use of blow dryers and flat irons can take a toll on even the healthiest head of hair. If you're one of the many that reach for a blow dryer and/or a flat iron regularly shield your hair against the damage with the Biosilk Smoothing Solution.

This spray on styling mist in applied to your damp hair before styling begins. It coats the hair shaft and helps smooth out your hair while you blow dry it. The Biosilk Smoothing Solution also acts as a protective barrier between your hair and the flat iron, leaving your hair shiny and smooth but without the drying side effects.

The Biosilk Smoothing Solution can also be used post styling to seal in your hairstyle and give your hair shine. It will also protect your smooth style against the effects of humidity, which can cause curly hair to loose its straight style.

Is there an inexpensive hair moisturizer for dry hair?

Safflower Oil Hair Moisturizer

Is your hair dying of thirst? Hair normally has a moisture content of about 10%. If your hair is dry, frizzy, permed, color-treated, or relaxed, there's a good chance the moisture content has dropped below this level.

Safflower oil (the kind you cook with) can increase your hair's ability to attract and retain moisture. Place 1 or 2 drops of safflower oil in your palms, rub them together so they shine, and carefully scrunch your hair (while dry), working the oil to the ends first, then toward the scalp. Leave the oil in your hair (you won't notice it's there). Keep in mind that a small amount goes a long way.

I have really bad dandruff. What causes this and how do I treat it?

Dandruff: What Causes It And How To Get Rid Of It

Your entire body is constantly shedding dead skin cells and replacing them with new ones. In some instances though this normal process goes awry and massive amount of skin cells are shed before they are dead. This results in dandruff or large white flakes on your scalp and in your hair. This can be caused by such culprits hormonal imbalances, poor health, poor hygiene or over use of styling products.

To treat dandruff you will need a specialized shampoo which will treat the scalp as you wash your hair to rid your scalp of the excess flaking. A good dandruff shampoo should also leave your hair in good condition. You may need to experiment with different shampoos to find one that controls your dandruff so if one doesn't work try another brand.

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