Rock and Roll Look For Medium Hair Styles

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I have medium length hair and I want an edgy hairstyle. Any suggestions?

Rock and Roll Look For Medium Hair Styles

If you think medium hair styles can't have a rock and roll feeling to them—think again. The key is all in the texture and color of the style to create an urban hairstyle with attitude.

A medium length bob can be made edgy with barely-there waves and the addition of darker root color. To get the wicked waves simply apply a texturizing spray to damp hair and blow dry the hair on low heat with a diffuser attachment. Scrunch the hair into waves if you have no natural curl to your hair. When the hair is dry use pomade on the ends of this medium hair style to separate them and give that piecey look.

To copy this color effect, have your stylist do a smudge color on your hair. The roots are colored slightly darker (but in the same color family and tone) and gradually gets lighter towards the ends. The colors are smudged together so there is no discernable line between each color and the effect is an edgy “grown out” look.



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