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My hair is thinning on top. Can you suggest a hair cut that will help hide this?

Hair Cuts That Suit Thinning Hair

Unfortunately many men still think that growing their hair long—or even worse, sporting comb over—is the only type of hair cut that masks thinning hair. Adding length to thin hair is not the answer and only serves to make the hair look even thinner.

For thinning hair that has just begun to get sparse your best bet is to keep it cut short. Shorter hair will automatically look thicker because the hair is kept close to the scalp and helps hide your fewer follicles. The addition of body boosting styling products, such as a volumizing mousse will also help plump up thinning hair. Use a small amount on damp hair and blow dry your hair to give it a thicker appearance.

For extremely thinning hair or a deeply receded hair line there is little to do in the way of hairstyling that will mask your hair loss. Thankfully, one of the most popular hair cuts for men these days is also the best style for thinning hair. Having your hair shaved off in a crew cut type of style eliminates the contrast between your bare scalp and what little hair is remaining. The result is a clean cut look that is super easy to maintain and looks great on most men.

I want to suggest a new hairstyle for my boyfriend that always wears his hair in a pony tail. He won't wear his hair super short. Any suggestions?

Go Longer For A Trendy Men's Hair Style

Though very long hair is no longer in style for men's hair wearing it slightly longer than the traditional men's hair style is becoming very popular.

The style is still layered all over like a classic men's cut buy this men's hair style uses longer length and styling products to create a relaxed and trendy appearance. The top layers should be three to four inches in length, at least, with the sides hanging over the ears. The back should go past a dress shirt collar.

To style this men's hair style use a styling lotion or texturizing cream to give definition to the style. Blow dry your hair with your fingers to create the messy look required and finish off with a styling wax on dry hair to define your layers. A side part works best for this hair style. Owen Wilson's hair is a perfect example of this trendy men's hair style.

I work in an office so my hair has to be conservative for work. Problem is I want a cool look for the clubs. Any suggestions on how to wear my hair for when I go out?

Wild Style With A Faux Hawk Men's Hair Style

For those men who want to make a statement with their hair you might want to try the popular “faux hawk” men's hair style. This style is an updated version of the severe Mohawk hairstyle but without the shaved sides. Instead the hair is grown longer on top and spiked up in a subtle fan shape (though not as long and rigid as its predecessor). The sides are kept short but there's no need to buzz them off completely.

To style this men's hair style use a firm hold gel on damp hair and blow dry the top layers of your hair up and into the middle. The sides, if short, are left alone or slicked back if they are longer. A firm hold hairspray will help hold the style in place. The great thing about the faux hawk is that you can get funky with your hair on the weekends and still wear it conservative during the week by styling it as a classic men's hair style.

Can you suggest any cool but easy to style hair cuts for men?

Easy Maintenance With A Short Men's Hair Style

Do you have thick unruly hair or hair that fights you every step of the styling way? A short men’s hair style may be the answer to your styling dilemma. A classic men’s hairstyle doesn’t have to be boring. Short men's hair style looks are layered short on the top and tapered one the sides and back. The look is clean and classic but still gives you room to add some interest with styling products. Try spiking it on the top and sides like Mathew Perry does by using a firm hold hair gel on damp hair. Form it with your fingers and give the hair a shot of hair spray. Let the hair dry naturally for the best hold. For a slightly more relaxed form of this men’s hair style let the top and sides grow a little longer and wear it in a slightly messy form such as Tom Cruise’s hair style. A mousse for fine hair will plump up thin hair so apply it to damp hair and use a vent brush while blow drying your hair into place. For thicker hair try a pomade to give the hair definition and texture.

I'm starting to loose my hair. What causes this?

The Cause Of Male Hair Loss

For millions of men male hair loss is something they deal with everyday when looking in the mirror. Here we'll explain what causes men to loose their hair.

Male hair loss is the most common type of hair loss and is caused by a man's sensitivity to the male sex hormones. Certain parts of a man's scalp are extremely sensitive to these hormones, which circulate in the blood stream. These hormones cause the hair follicle to shrink, inhibiting normal hair growth in those areas. This typically begins between the ages of 20 and 30 with a receding hair line. The male hair loss then follows a pattern and, in some cases, all the hair on the top of the head is lost.

While there are medical treatments which help to slow down or reverse male hair loss they can be expensive and do not work for everyone. Thankfully, the stigma against balding men is changing and today a clean shaven head is not only seen as acceptable but is actually very trendy right now. A man with male hair loss must decide how much loosing his hair really bothers him. There are ways to combat it but a clean shaven head looks great and is the easier route to take.

I'm loosing my hair but I don't want to try expensive drugs and I can't afford transplants. Is there anything else that will cover up my bald spot?

Camouflage For Thinning Hair

Seeing too much scalp through your thinning hair? If hair weaves or hair pieces aren't your style try using one of the camouflage products on the market. These products are applied with a small application brush that do double duty of thickening the hair shafts and coloring the scalp to eliminate the color contrast between your hair and skin.

These products are water proof, meaning rain and sweat won't budge it. You can even go swimming and brush through the hair and it will remain right where you put it. The application process allows precise coverage just where you need it without messy sprays or powders that are hard to control. The product washes away with shampooing and won't clog the pores of your scalp. If thinning hair is crimping your style try these easy method to plump up the hair you still have.

I heard about a hair cut called the Emo cut. What exactly is this hair cut?

Emo Hair: A Disheveled Trend

If you're looking for a new hairstyle that doesn't scream “clean cut” try a new cut called emo hair.

This type of hairstyle is often colored a dark brown or black (though it can be your natural color as well) and boasts very long bangs that are casually swept to one side. The entire hairstyle is layered and disheveled, with the sides hanging over the ears and the back is often spiked out.

Lots of texture is key with this hairstyle so use a product that will give it almost a “greasy” look for the full emo hair effect. Though this hairstyle can work on both males and females it is predominantly a male hair cut.

I just got my hair cut into the Emo style. What hair products should I use for this style?

The Right Hair Products For Emo Hair

Emo hair is a type of hairstyle in which the bangs are worn long and swept to one side. The entire cut is in long layers and uses products to give it a very textured and disheveled appearance.

For fine hair you'll want to be careful not to use too heavy a product. Though emo hair does sport a “greasy” look to it you don't want to go overboard either. Try a styling wax such as American Crew's Classic wax. Place a dime sized amount in the palm of your hand and apply it to damp hair. Blow dry the hair with your fingers for that messy look, making sure to sweep your long bangs over to one side. Don't forget to blow dry the hair in the back out and spiky by pulling it straight out from your head with your fingers and position the blow drier under you hair and point up. When your hair is dry take another dime sized amount of the wax and distribute it through your dry hair. Put your style into place with your fingers and be sure to coat the bangs and back well. To spike the top you may need to use a firm hold hair spray to make it stick in place.

For thick hair style the same way but move up to a more heavy duty styling product. Try the American Crew Pomade which will have more styling power against thicker textured hair.

I keep hearing about taking vitamins to stop hair loss. Can you do this and does it work?

Vitamins To Combat Male Hair Loss

Many men suffering from male hair loss are in search of a way to stop the process and resume normal hair growth. While there are many treatments on the market today, many require prescriptions and can be very costly. Using a vitamin to help promote hair growth is an inexpensive option to explore when looking to combat hair loss.

The Shen Min hair vitamin helps stop male hair loss by extending the growth phase of the hair follicle and blocking the effects of the male sex hormone which cause those hair follicles to shrink.

This vitamin fights against male hair loss with the use of the roots of the eastern wild rose. These roots are organically grown and are at least 10 years old, as compared to many on the market which are only 3 years old. The vitamins are taken two times daily.

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