Sexy Hair Styles For Medium Length Hair

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I have medium length hair that I'm growing out to long. What's a trendy hair style for this length of hair?

Sexy Hair Styles For Medium Length Hair

You don't have to have long, flowing hair to look glamorous. In fact, many hair styles for medium length hair scream sexy and glamorous.

Try a curvy hair style for medium length hair with lots of volume and a deep side part for a Marilyn Monroe-like vibe. Add mousse to damp hair to pump up the volume and blow dry your hair with a large round brush. Roll sections back and away from your face for a sexy swoop. Finish off this style by using a jumbo curling iron to enhance those big, sexy waves.

Flip your head upside-down and give your roots a spritz of medium hold hairspray to lift the roots and make sure your hair doesn't wither. A humidity proof hairspray is best for hair that may have natural curl or if humidity is a problem in your area.



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