Post Permed Hair Care

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I just got my hair permed yesterday. Can I get it wet?

Post Permed Hair Care

Permed hair care is important in keeping your new curls looking their best. During the perming process the bonds of your hair, which are responsible for the straight or curly nature of your hair, is broken and takes the shape of the perm rods. The second step, called neutralizing, reforms these bonds into their new and permanent shape.

For a 48 to 72 hour period after the process the newly permed hair is still sealing the bonds. It is very important that during this time frame no shampoo is used on the hair. The shampoo can reopen the hair's cuticle and change the newly formed bongs, resulting in loss of curl. Getting the hair wet and using styling products is fine but skip the suds until after the “no washing” time frame is up for the best post permed hair care.



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