Curly Hair Ideas For Short Hair

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I love trendy hairstyles but can't find any for my curly hair. Do you have any suggestions?

Curly Hair Ideas For Short Hair

Are you looking for a trendy way to show off your curly hair? Try the new, softer version of the Mohawk hairstyle when searching for fun curly hair ideas.

The new Mohawk, also known as the faux-hawk is geared towards those with shorter curly hair. Use a curl defining gel on damp hair and diffuse-dry the top of your hair while you pull it upwards with your fingers. This will give height to the style, making it stand up in Mohawk fashion.

For the sides you'll want to keep them close to the head. The easiest method is to let these curls remain damp and slick the hair back against the head. This will create the cropped illusion of the original hairstyle. This curly hair style works best with lots of volume on top so if your curls are drooping use a firm hold hair spray and mist the hair on top while to you hold it upright with your fingers. A little backcombing at the roots may help stubborn hair to stand up and get noticed.



2/16/2007 2:20:18 AM
Margaret said:

I am desperately trying to find a hairdresser who specialises in cutting curly hair. So far every hairdresser I have been to have not made a nice job of my naturally curly hair. I always end up with a mushroom shape (pensioner perm type of style). I have tried everything but they never seem to be able to shape it properly. I asked for a curly bob style but somehow I ended up with it looking like an afro style like a round ball. My curls are wavy curls and not tight curls. Do you know where I could find a hairdresser in London who specialises in shaping and styling curly hair?


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