A Curly Hair Style For Long Hair

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I have long hair that is curly. What's a good way to style my hair?

A Curly Hair Style For Long Hair

A head full of curly is a hot trend in curly hair styles. Whether your hair is shoulder length or waist length, maximizing your curls will make your hair a hit.

The key to getting the most from your curls is to have your hair cut into long layers. These shorter layers will remove excess weight from the top layers of your hair and allow your curls to spring to life. Even a few layers in the last few inches of a long curly hair style will make an impact so next time you're at the salon trade in your one length curly hair for some fun layers.

To style your long curly hair style use a curl enhancing product such as a curl boosting gel or texturizing mist. These will help tame frizz and define your curls. To get maximum volume without sacrificing your curl integrity use a diffuser on your blow dryer and dry your hair with your head upside down. Scrunch your hair as you dry it to lock in your curls.

Finish off with a little styling wax to define and gloss your curls and a little misting of a medium hold hairspray at the roots to further plump up the volume.



2/19/2007 3:42:31 PM
Brittney Teal said:

I loved this hair tip. I have a head full of curls that can sometimes be limp or frizzy. This tip has helped me learn a rountine to do for my hair.


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