Curly Hair Care: Permanent Frizz Control

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I'm tired of my frizz but love curly hair. Is there a way to keep the curl but get rid of frizzy hair?

Curly Hair Care: Permanent Frizz Control

One of the biggest problems in curly hair care is fighting frizz and fly away hair. There are products out there that can help combat these problems but they are only temporary and need to be reapplied each time the hair is washed.

For those looking for a way to say good-bye to frizz on a long term basis try one of the permanent frizz remover products. This gentle ammonia-free product acts similar to a perm solution but serves only to remove the frizz—not the curl. This product can be applied yourself at home. Be sure to follow the directions carefully and choose the correct formula for your hair. There is a “normal hair” version for hair with no color, or which has been colored with 20 volume peroxide or lower. For those with highlights or high lift color there's a colored hair formula which will gently and safely tame your frizz. If you're looking for anti-frizz curly hair care which doesn't need to be administered daily check out this type of product.



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Um....what product are you talking about? none is listed.


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