Choose The Right Curly Hair Gel

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What type of gel should I use for my curly hair?

Choose The Right Curly Hair Gel

Getting your curls to do what you want them to can seem like mission impossible. To get control of your curls you must be sure you are using the correct type of curly hair gel for the job.

To tame your curls try a control formula curly hair gel. Many of these have ingredients that will block excess moisture in the air from turning your smooth curls into a head of frizz. Other formulas contain silicone which coats the hair and gives protection and shine to your curls.

For those who want to go straight, try a smoothing or straightening gel. These gels contain agents that will aid in straightening the curl out of your hair while you blow dry it. When choosing a curly hair gel that promotes smoothness look for ones that contain silicone which coat the hair with a protective barrier against damage caused by blow drying and flat iron use.



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