Boost Your Curl With A Curly Hair Gel

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I want to bring out the curl in my hair. What type of gel should I use?

Boost Your Curl With A Curly Hair Gel

Limp curls crimping your style? Pump up those weak curls with a curly boosting spray gel. These types of curly hair gel are lighter than there thicker gel counterparts so they won't weigh your curls down. This is especially important for those with fine hair which can't stand up to heavy hair products.

Simply spray the curl boosting gel into damp hair and either blow dry your hair with a diffuser or let your hair air dry. The key to locking in those curls is in the scrunching. Scrunch hair while blow drying or periodically as it air dries to promote curl enhancement.

This type of curly hair gel is perfect for natural curl that needs a little lift or when a perm is near the end of its life and isn't as bouncy as it used to be.



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