Learn How Your Hair Curls And Know How To Work With It

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I feel like I'm always fighting my curly hair. It's either dry or won't style nice. Any suggestions?

Learn How Your Hair Curls And Know How To Work With It

Curly hair is all the rage these days so those with curly hair can rejoice. The problem is that curly hair comes with its own specific hair care needs and if you don't treat your curly hair well it may just turn into a frizzy mess to spite you.

For those with natural wave their hair curls in a slight wave pattern. While this type of hair is not as temperamental as extremely curly hair it does still need extra TLC to look its best. Wavy hair curls in a subtle pattern and can be either scrunched to a curlier version or blow straight. If you choose to straighten your wavy hair be sure you are using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, as well as protective styling products, to ensure you minimize the damage done by heated styling tools.

For those with very curly hair, your hair curls in a variety of twists and turns that make it very difficult for the scalp's natural oils to nourish the hair strands. This leaves curly hair prone to dryness and damage. Your best bet with very curly hair is to work with, not against, the curl for healthier hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, as well as weekly hair treatments to keep your hair as soft and moisturized as possible.

Curly hair is more porous that straight hair and even more so when it is wet. While your hair is damp is the best time to use protective styling products as they will be absorbed better by your hair and help calm and control frizz. If you decide to blow dry your hair make sure to use a diffuser attachment which will let your hair retain its natural shape better. Letting your hair curls stay in their natural state as much as possible will result in a better hairstyle. If you can, air drying is the healthier choice so opt out of blow drying whenever possible.



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