Choosing The Right Hair Care Products For Fine Hair

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I have fine hair. What type of hair care products should I use?

Choosing The Right Hair Care Products For Fine Hair

Fine hair can be frustrating for those who are fighting to create bounce and volume out of their limp locks. Many times people load on the hair care products in an attempt to compensate for what their hair lacks but, in truth, you're only making things worse. The key to choosing hair care products for fine hair is not in the quantity but in the quality and specific type of products you use.

Unless your hair if very dry and damaged, try using a spray-in/leave-in conditioner as opposed to a heavy cream conditioner. Fine hair is easily weighed down by thick products so keep it light whenever possible.

Your hair care products should contain words such as “volumizing” or “for fine hair”. Heavy styling creams or smoothing balms may contain additives which will flatten your fine hair or make it appear greasy. Instead opt for hair care products such as a volumizing mousse foam or spray in hair gel that will give you lift and control without the weight.

Hair spray can also be a culprit in destroying your desired hairstyle. Use an aerosol hairspray whenever possible as the mist comes out lighted and won't clump in your fine hair. A light to medium hold will probably do the trick unless you're looking for extreme hold. Remember, the fewer and lighter hair care products you use the more chance your fine hair has of having great body and volume.



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