Buying Hair Care Products The Smart Way

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I always get overwhelmed when I try to buy hair care products. Any suggestions on choosing the right ones?

Buying Hair Care Products The Smart Way

Often, when standing in the hair care product isle and faced with hundreds of options, if can seem overwhelming to try and choose what's right for your hair. Before you grab the closest bottle on the shelf, take some time to get educated in the art of buying hair care products.

The first step is to know what you need to make your hair do what you want. It sounds simple enough but with so many products out there that have very different hair styling jobs, picking the hair care product meant for your hair is going to require some research. Learn the difference between products meant to volumize hair (something you'll want if your hair is fine or thin) or those that are meant to tame curly hair and frizz. Choosing a volumizing mousse for thick, unruly hair is only going to compound your problems so determine what your hair's bad habits are and find a product to correct it.

Get informed by reading fashion magazines or message boards dedicated to hair care products. Learn from both experts and consumers just like you what's out there in the world of hair care and what works—and what doesn't. Keep in mind that everyone's hair is different and you will need to try a few products yourself to see what works for your hair. A beauty editor may not always be completely unbiased in recommending a product and someone on a message board may have completely different hair needs but it's a great starting point for narrowing down your options.

If you really are lost as to what type of hair care products to choose your best bet is to buy your products from a salon or reputable online source. Every professional salon and good Web sites will have a no hassle return policy. This way you can try a hair care product and if it's not for you simply return it for an exchange or refund.



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