Repairing Damaged Hair

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I have medium length hair and it is very frizzy at the back. I'm in the bathroom for hours trying to find the soloution to my damaged hair. What should I do?

Repairing Damaged Hair

Our hair puts up with a lot from us. Daily use of blow driers, flat irons can add up to some dried out locks. Add monthly colors and the occasional perm or chemical hair straightening and it's a wonder our hair isn't protesting. Repairing damaged hair can be tricky but it's not impossible if you break bad habits and start giving your hair some TLC.

The first thing you'll want to do is assess the damage. Do you have a lot of split ends or broken hair? There is no cure for split ends except a trip to the salon to have them cut off. Be sure that when you do visit the salon you have enough cut off to take your hair length back into healthy hair territory. Only trimming a small amount when the damage is inches long does you no good. As damaged hair continues to split it splits farther and farther up the hair shaft, damaging more hair as it goes.

Dry, frizzy and broken hair is often a sign of misuse. If you use heated styling tools, such as blow driers and flat irons, daily you may need to cut back on your use. Most people's hair doesn't need to be washed and styled every day. Once your hair has been flat ironed you should be able to go two or three days with very little touch ups. When you do use driers and flat irons be sure to use a silicone based styling product that will coat and protect the hair shaft. Over washing your hair can also be a dry hair culprit. Cleaning your hair is good but stripping away its natural oils everyday is often too much for your hair to take. Repairing damaged hair starts with letting its natural protector, its oils, do their job.

Lastly, regular maintenance is key. You should have your hair trimmed every four to six weeks for shorter hair and every six to eight weeks for longer hair. This keeps the ends healthy and avoids split ends. Using a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a UV protector and using heated styling tools minimally should all add up to healthier hair.



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