Got2b SoBlonde: Hair Repair For Blonde Hair

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My blonde hair is fried from so much coloring. I don't want to stop coloring it. Is there any products to help repair my dry hair?

Got2b SoBlonde: Hair Repair For Blonde Hair

Those who frequently color their hair a high lift blonde color know that dryness and damage is always a potential side effect. When your hair is in need of some serious TLC try the Got2b Soblonde intensive hair repair.

For a quick fix apply the Got2b Soblonde hair repair on damp hair and comb through with a wide toothed comb to evenly distribute the product onto the hair. For hair that is very dry and damaged give it an extended treatment and leave the product on for 10 minutes. To get the most out of your hair treatment wrap your hair in a plastic bag (a plastic grocery bag will work fine) and clip it closed with a large hair clip. The plastic will keep the heat of your head on your hair and will help the treatment penetrate your hair more thoroughly.

For an extra shot of heat warm up your hair with your blow dryer just before you place the bag on your head. Better yet, get yourself a portable hard hat hair dryer that you can sit under for the duration of the treatment.



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