Hair Products after Hair Transplant

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What hair care products should I use after hair transplant surgery?

Hair Products after Hair Transplant

OK, it's your hair not your heart, but as a hair transplant patient you need as much TLC as your neighbor with the bum ticker.

The first thing you need to do is purchase a hair care product specially made for hair transplant patients (that would be a quality post-surgical shampoo and conditioner). Select a shampoo and conditioner that contain soothing Aloe Vera gel and also provides an essential copper peptide micronutrient to help control crusting. Use these hair care products at both the recipient and donor sites to enhance healing.

Both sites will also benefit from a hydrating gel wound dressing—specially formulated to provide the moist wound environment necessary to the natural healing process after hair transplant. This soothing gel should contain the essential micronutrient copper.

*The gel will improve wound tensile strength and retain closure after healing—returning you to the dashing character you once were—or always wanted to be.



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