Take Control With Got2b Pomade

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My hair doesn't want to style the way I want it to. Are there any products out there to tame my wild hair?

Take Control With Got2b Pomade

Does your hair have a mind of its own? If so, show it whose boss with the Got2b defiant define and shine pomade. Whether you want to spike your hair or achieve a smooth, sleek look this pomade will help you get there.

For spike-y styles use a small amount of the Got2b pomade on slightly damp hair and hold your hair up with your fingers while blow drying. Use the palm of your hand to rub the roots of your hair in a circular motion to lift the roots of the hair. Once the hair is dry apply another small amount to the dry hair and use your fingers to perfect your spikes.

For smooth hair apply to damp hair and blow dry your hair with a nozzle attachment on your dryer. Use a vent or round brush and blow dry sections of your hair one at a time. The Got2b pomade will keep fly away hair at bay and give great shine to your finished style. Use a small dab of the pomade on dry hair to define bangs and layers.



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