A Good Conditioner in Your Fridge

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Can I use mayonnaise to condition?

A Good Conditioner in Your Fridge

We have all heard the tip about conditioning with mayonnaise, however, we haven't all heard that it only works if you use REAL mayonnaise.

Real mayonnaise is rich in oils and eggs, which are a good source of fatty acids. The fact is that it contains lemon juice and is PH balanced so it will keep your hair in its natural PH level. Here is how to condition with this condiment:

• After shampooing the hair, rinse well and towel dry well
• Add about two tablespoons of mayonnaise and gently work it through your hair
• Comb through with a wide toothed comb
• Put a plastic cap or some plastic wrap on your head and allow the body heat to warm it
• Apply a warm towel (not too hot) and sit back and relax
• After thirty to forty minutes rinse the hair again
• Shampoo with a conditioning shampoo
• Rinse the hair with a cool water rinse
• Style as usual (only you will be styling shinier, silkier hair)



8/3/2006 9:10:39 AM
carissa said:

I tryed this once and it really worked i was surprised with the results


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