The Features You Need In Your Flat Iron

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Some flat irons are so expensive. What features do you really need to make them worth the money?

The Features You Need In Your Flat Iron

So you want straight, smooth hair. The right flat iron can get your there without the frustration but only if you know which flat iron to take home with you. Here are some tips on what features to look for in your flat iron for endless good hair days.

One of the most important components in a flat iron is the ironing plates themselves. When choosing a flat iron be sure yours has plates made from ceramic and tourmaline. Ceramic heats up evenly and quickly for superior smoothing ability, while the tourmaline gives off negative ions which soften the hair and give it shine. Variable temperature control is also a must in a good flat iron. In order to get enough heat to thick hair, and pamper fine hair, you'll want to be able to have absolute control over the temperature of the plates. The more settings the better as even thick hair may need a lower temperature when doing quick “touch ups” to avoid damage.

Other features to look for are infrared technology which claims to seal in the hair's moisture and prevent drying the hair out. The autosense ™ feature of some flat irons ensures the most even heat distribution possible. Hot spots on the plates can damage the hair so even heat is the key to uniform and healthy looking hair.



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