Choosing The Right Flat Iron For Your Hair

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Is there any difference in the flat irons out there when it comes to your hair's length?

Choosing The Right Flat Iron For Your Hair

One might think that one flat iron fits all hair types but this is not the case. When choosing a flat iron your hair’s length and type should be taken into consideration to ensure that you get the tool meant for your hair. The length of your hair plays a role in which type of flat iron you need. If you have short hair you’ll want to reach for one of the mini models which make straightening short strands much easier. Look for a model with a ¾ inch surface which will be just the right side for styling short pieces of hair and getting the precision styling needed. For short to medium length hair a 1” flat iron will do the trick. The size is great for those with chin to shoulder length bobs as it will have a large enough surface to smooth your hair but is still manageable enough to do intricate styling such as flipping shorter layers at the bottom of your hairstyle. For long hair go for the full 2” flat iron. You don’t want to be straightening your hair all morning, so the larger surface will mean you can get wider sections straightened each time—cutting down on your styling time.



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