Protect Your Hair When Straightening With Biosilk Smoothing Solution

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I straighten my hair every day but it's getting dry. Is there anything I can do to protect it?

Protect Your Hair When Straightening With Biosilk Smoothing Solution

The constant use of blow dryers and flat irons can take a toll on even the healthiest head of hair. If you're one of the many that reach for a blow dryer and/or a flat iron regularly shield your hair against the damage with the Biosilk Smoothing Solution.

This spray on styling mist in applied to your damp hair before styling begins. It coats the hair shaft and helps smooth out your hair while you blow dry it. The Biosilk Smoothing Solution also acts as a protective barrier between your hair and the flat iron, leaving your hair shiny and smooth but without the drying side effects.

The Biosilk Smoothing Solution can also be used post styling to seal in your hairstyle and give your hair shine. It will also protect your smooth style against the effects of humidity, which can cause curly hair to loose its straight style.



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