The Cause and Cure for Dry Hair

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My hair is all dried out from using a lot of heat. Is there any way to help correct this problem?

The Cause and Cure for Dry Hair

Too many colors, perms or excessive use of heated styling tools can leave you with dry hair. To cure your damaged hair woes you must take action to ensure that your hair doesn't continue down this dry hair road.

Severely damaged and split hair cannot be repaired. You must bit the bullet and seek professional help by means of a good hair cut. Split hair will continue to split farther and farther up the hair shaft, claiming more of your hair. To prevent this have a good amount cut off (at least two to three inches for long hair—maybe more) to rid yourself of the worst of the dry hair. Regular trims will be needed to continue to shed the old damaged hair and allow your healthy new hair to remain that way.

Using proper hair products is also a must. Shampoos and conditioners for dry/damaged hair is your best bet for protecting and moisturizing your dry hair. A deep conditioning treatment once a week will also give your hair the added nutrients it needs. Also be aware of the styling products that you use. Avoid hair products with excessive alcohol in them which will dry out your hair even further. Instead stick to products like styling creams of light weight styling sprays with added silicone for shine and frizz control.

Whenever possible, use heated styling tools such as blow dryers and flat irons sparingly. Constant high heat can cause dry hair so give your hair a break by wearing it up (without drying it) or letting it air dry as much as possible. Finishing products such as a spray on shine enhancer will help your hair look healthier while you nurse it back to health.



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