Say Good-Bye To Tangles With Biosilk Silk Filler

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Is there a product to help me get tangles out of my long hair?

Say Good-Bye To Tangles With Biosilk Silk Filler

Tangles can be a pain in the scalp to get out. The bigger problem though is that removing them the wrong way can lead straight to stressed out and broken hair. Using a product such as Biosilk Silk Filler will not only make removing tangles easier but will ensure your hair isn't damaged in the process.

To properly detangle your hair mist your damp hair generously with the Biosilk Silk Filler. The conditioner will lightly coat the strands of hair and smooth them, making detangling much easier. Starting at the ends of your hair, use a wide toothed comb to slowly begin the detangling process.

Gently comb out tangles, misting the hair more for stubborn areas. Work your way up to the scalp, making sure not to pull or tug too hard on your hair. Your hair is at its most vulnerable when it is wet so use extra care whenever combing it while damp. Once you have removed all the tangles apply your styling products and style as desired. The Biosilk Silk Filler will make your hair feel softer and replenish lost moisture due to everyday styling.



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