How To Give A Deep Conditioning Treatment To Dry Hair

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I want to get my dry hair back in shape. Do deep conditioning treatments work and how do you do them?

How To Give A Deep Conditioning Treatment To Dry Hair

For dry hair that needs a little loving a deep conditioning treatment can work wonders. To get the most out of your deep conditioning treatment try these little tricks to ensure your dry hair soaks up as much of that moisture as possible.

First you must start with squeaky clean hair. Wash your hair with a good quality shampoo to remove any hair products from your hair. If you tend to use a lot of hair products on a daily basis try washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo to strip off any product build up that may have occurred. This will leave you with a clean hair shaft that will more easily absorb the treatment and give the most help to your dry hair.

Apply the hair treatment to damp towel dried hair. Hair is like a sponge and will the treatment better if it is slightly damp but, just like a sponge, you don't want it dripping wet or it won't soak up anything more.

Be liberal with your application of the hair treatment. Thick hair treatments tend to be easier to work with as you don't have to worry about dripping. Once the treatment is in your hair use a wide toothed comb to gently comb your hair and distribute the product evenly.

Hair treatments work best on dry hair when the heat is on. Once you've applied the product use a conditioning cap or wrap your hair in a plastic bag (a grocery bag will work) and clip it closed with a large hair clip. Use your blow dryer to warm up the head—just don't get too close to the bag and melt it! The heat will open up the hair's cuticle and allow more penetration of the treatment. Leave on for the recommended amount of time and then rinse thoroughly. For the last few seconds of rinsing turn the water temperature to cool to seal the hair shaft and make your hair smoother and shinier.



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