Hair Cuts That Suit Thinning Hair

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My hair is thinning on top. Can you suggest a hair cut that will help hide this?

Hair Cuts That Suit Thinning Hair

Unfortunately many men still think that growing their hair long—or even worse, sporting comb over—is the only type of hair cut that masks thinning hair. Adding length to thin hair is not the answer and only serves to make the hair look even thinner.

For thinning hair that has just begun to get sparse your best bet is to keep it cut short. Shorter hair will automatically look thicker because the hair is kept close to the scalp and helps hide your fewer follicles. The addition of body boosting styling products, such as a volumizing mousse will also help plump up thinning hair. Use a small amount on damp hair and blow dry your hair to give it a thicker appearance.

For extremely thinning hair or a deeply receded hair line there is little to do in the way of hairstyling that will mask your hair loss. Thankfully, one of the most popular hair cuts for men these days is also the best style for thinning hair. Having your hair shaved off in a crew cut type of style eliminates the contrast between your bare scalp and what little hair is remaining. The result is a clean cut look that is super easy to maintain and looks great on most men.



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