Go Longer For A Trendy Men's Hair Style

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I want to suggest a new hairstyle for my boyfriend that always wears his hair in a pony tail. He won't wear his hair super short. Any suggestions?

Go Longer For A Trendy Men's Hair Style

Though very long hair is no longer in style for men's hair wearing it slightly longer than the traditional men's hair style is becoming very popular.

The style is still layered all over like a classic men's cut buy this men's hair style uses longer length and styling products to create a relaxed and trendy appearance. The top layers should be three to four inches in length, at least, with the sides hanging over the ears. The back should go past a dress shirt collar.

To style this men's hair style use a styling lotion or texturizing cream to give definition to the style. Blow dry your hair with your fingers to create the messy look required and finish off with a styling wax on dry hair to define your layers. A side part works best for this hair style. Owen Wilson's hair is a perfect example of this trendy men's hair style.



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