Easy Maintenance With A Short Men's Hair Style

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Can you suggest any cool but easy to style hair cuts for men?

Easy Maintenance With A Short Men's Hair Style

Do you have thick unruly hair or hair that fights you every step of the styling way? A short men’s hair style may be the answer to your styling dilemma. A classic men’s hairstyle doesn’t have to be boring. Short men's hair style looks are layered short on the top and tapered one the sides and back. The look is clean and classic but still gives you room to add some interest with styling products. Try spiking it on the top and sides like Mathew Perry does by using a firm hold hair gel on damp hair. Form it with your fingers and give the hair a shot of hair spray. Let the hair dry naturally for the best hold. For a slightly more relaxed form of this men’s hair style let the top and sides grow a little longer and wear it in a slightly messy form such as Tom Cruise’s hair style. A mousse for fine hair will plump up thin hair so apply it to damp hair and use a vent brush while blow drying your hair into place. For thicker hair try a pomade to give the hair definition and texture.



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