Emo Hair: A Disheveled Trend

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I heard about a hair cut called the Emo cut. What exactly is this hair cut?

Emo Hair: A Disheveled Trend

If you're looking for a new hairstyle that doesn't scream “clean cut” try a new cut called emo hair.

This type of hairstyle is often colored a dark brown or black (though it can be your natural color as well) and boasts very long bangs that are casually swept to one side. The entire hairstyle is layered and disheveled, with the sides hanging over the ears and the back is often spiked out.

Lots of texture is key with this hairstyle so use a product that will give it almost a “greasy” look for the full emo hair effect. Though this hairstyle can work on both males and females it is predominantly a male hair cut.



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