Camouflage For Thinning Hair

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I'm loosing my hair but I don't want to try expensive drugs and I can't afford transplants. Is there anything else that will cover up my bald spot?

Camouflage For Thinning Hair

Seeing too much scalp through your thinning hair? If hair weaves or hair pieces aren't your style try using one of the camouflage products on the market. These products are applied with a small application brush that do double duty of thickening the hair shafts and coloring the scalp to eliminate the color contrast between your hair and skin.

These products are water proof, meaning rain and sweat won't budge it. You can even go swimming and brush through the hair and it will remain right where you put it. The application process allows precise coverage just where you need it without messy sprays or powders that are hard to control. The product washes away with shampooing and won't clog the pores of your scalp. If thinning hair is crimping your style try these easy method to plump up the hair you still have.



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