Long Hair Styles For Evening

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I have naturally curly long hair and I'm wondering how to wear it for a formal event I'm going to. Are there any easy formal hairstyles for my type of hair?

Long Hair Styles For Evening

For a sexy but easy evening updo try wearing loose curls piled on your head with a straight and sleek bang for contrast. Long hair styles like this work best on naturally curly hair but can be done on straight hair as well.

For wavy long hair styles apply a curl enhancer or mousse and either let your hair air dry or speed things up by blow drying with a diffuser attachment. Blow dry the bang sleek and smooth across the forehead in a deep side part.

For straight hair blow dry with a volumizing mousse and set the dry hair in small sized hot rollers. Remove the curlers once the hair has cool. Blow dry the bangs smooth and to the side with a deep side part.

To create the back of this long hair style simply pin up curls in a loose pile atop the head. Let some of the ends of the curls drape down—don't get too caught up in getting every strand perfect. Smooth the bangs down with a very small amount of styling wax and sleek it to one side. Pin the bangs into place if they are too long to stay on their own.



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